Dallas Cowboys fans shouldn’t despise Jason Garrett or Jason Witten

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(Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images) /

Former Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett is now the OC for the Giants and Jason Witten may join him. Should Dallas fans hate them for that?

The Dallas Cowboys made sweeping changes after this season was finished. Coming into the season with one of their most talented teams from a personnel perspective in quite a few years, the Cowboys severely underachieved. And someone had to pay for it.

With head coach Jason Garrett having almost a decade to prove how right he was for the job, seeing him leave after that ample amount of opportunity to get it right was somewhat bittersweet. But it had to be done.

While their was chatter that Garrett might be considered for the New York Giants’ open head coaching position, that eventually went to former New England Patriots special teams coordinator/wide receivers coach Joe Judge. Yet, Garrett was recently brought on as the Giants’ new offensive coordinator.

Along with that news, rumors about the future of Hall of Fame tight end Jason Witten‘s have started to circulate as well. After coming out of retirement to rejoin the Cowboys this past season, Witten is keeping all of his options open, which includes joining his former head coach in New York.

While this seems to point to a lack of interest in bringing him back by the Dallas Cowboys and the new Mike McCarthy regime, nothing official has been reported on that front. With that in mind though, it begs the question: With Garrett now a member of the Giants and with Witten potentially moving over to join him, would that make them hated enemies of the Cowboys passionate fanbase now?

To be frank, and the point, no it would not. There will be those fans that just had it to their ends with Garrett, so they’ll take that opportunity to let their feelings be known. Truth be told, he wasn’t an awful head coach in Dallas, he just couldn’t get the job done to the maximum level and his message had seemed to grow stale in Dallas.

As far as Witten goes, one would think that if he wanted to continue to play that Jerry Jones wouldn’t have any issue with bringing him back, but perhaps that’s a McCarthy call or something else altogether. Hopefully, clarity comes from the Cowboy side on Witten’s situation sooner rather than later.

To sum it up, Jason Garrett shouldn’t be booed for being anything other than a coach on the opposing team trying to beat the Cowboys. If Jason Witten is to suit up for the G-Men on next season, he should be treated the same way.

Witten will be cheered and lauded pre-game for all he has done for the Dallas Cowboys, but then booed as any other opposing player would be if he makes a huge play for the opposing team during the game.

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It will be strange seeing Garrett on the other side and it would definitely be strange seeing the name Witten above the number 82 in any other team color scheme. But if it must be then it must be. Either way it turns out, this is how they will and should be treated by Dallas Fans moving forward.