Jumpman becomes Cashman: Dallas Cowboys must sign Byron Jones

ARLINGTON, TX - DECEMBER 18: Byron Jones /
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(Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images)
(Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images) /

One Player, Multiple Positions, Solid Play

One of the great things about being a freak like Byron is that you can then do things that other players can’t. His athleticism allows him to cover anyone from the big and strong Rob Gronkowski, to the small and speedy John Brown’s.

He started on the Cowboys playing as a cornerback, and towards the end of his rookie year began playing more as a safety. For the next two years, he would continue to mainly play safety, before becoming a cornerback again back in 2018.

That same year he became a cornerback again, he flourished and showed he can be a true number one cornerback, and made his first Pro Bowl. In 16 games he managed to have 67 tackles, 14 passes defended, albeit no interceptions.

The only dub about Jones’ play since he entered the league has been that he hasn’t been able to intercept the ball. That may also have to do with the Cowboys’ defensive scheme focusing on playing the player instead of the ball.

In his five seasons with the Cowboys, he has only two interceptions. He has also forced three fumbles in that time span. Hey, a turnover is a turnover I guess.

What Jones has done a great job of these past two seasons is preventing completions. In the 2018 season, he held quarterbacks throwing his way to only a 52.5 percent completion percentage. This season it was slightly higher at 53.1 percent.

Quarterbacks have respected Jones more and have thrown his way 16 fewer times than last season, although Jones played one less game than the season prior.

Overall, Byron Jones has been a stud player that can cover any style of a receiver and he can also play any defensive back position. Because of that, his value is more than some belief.