Dallas Cowboys: 4 important words for head coach Mike McCarthy

Mike McCarthy, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
Mike McCarthy, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /

The Dallas Cowboys are on the march. Here are my thoughts on head coach Mike McCarthy and his super staff. Let’s all remember these four important words.

It’s been a week since the Dallas Cowboys hired head coach Mike McCarthy. I wanted a little time to digest this hire before firing away. I had strong feelings about McCarthy before, but still, I thought it’d be best to maul things over a bit.

After all, it’s a big change for Big D. So, here I go.

First off, I truly don’t understand all the negative fireworks fired at the Dallas Cowboys by media specialists and experts. I don’t get it. There was a lot of hate sent McCarthy’s way. Supposedly, America’s Team sinned because the organization just hired a washed-up coach with outdated NFL blueprints.

If you took the media at face value, you’d believe McCarthy was some 70-year-old on his last leg in the NFL. In reality, he’s 56, with coaching experience dating back to 1987. The guy coached quarterback legends Joe Montana and Aaron Rodgers. The two quarterbacks combined have five Super Bowl wins. In 2020, he’ll turn the page with Dak Prescott.

On top of all that, he coached 18 playoff games in the NFL, going 10-8. Overall, he owns a 135-85-2 record (.613). McCarthy won a Super Bowl with the Green Bay Packers.

But apparently, one trophy isn’t enough when other coaches out there have multiple. It’s hard to win one, but the media loves to move the goal post on a guy even when he does hoist the Lombardi Trophy.

Now, I make no reservation about my desire for Urban Meyer. He was my first choice, but McCarthy was a very, very close second.

Here was the concern with Meyer: Could the CEO type work with the owner and general manager, Jerry Jones? Would the relationship work well, as it did with Bill Parcells? Dallas did not officially offer Meyer an interview, so that has to say something about both their stances.

With Mike McCarthy onboard, the Dallas Cowboys receive a proven winner who is eager and hungry for a second act. More than anything, the Dallas Cowboys need a leader and someone who could work with the Jones’ family and their enterprise structure, which differs from the 31 other teams. Head coach McCarthy is that man.

December 2, 2018, will go down as an important day for the Cowboys. It was the day McCarthy was fired from the Packers following a 17-20 loss to the Cardinals. The head coach was let go earlier than expected, sending shock waves around the NFL.

McCarthy was the top guy for the Packers for 13 seasons. On that day, he was fired but the Cowboys observed hope, a chance to see a proven winner intersect with Dallas. In the end, it worked out for both McCarthy and Dallas.

With this talented roster in place, combined with McCarthy’s appetite for NFL success, the Dallas Cowboys will win a Super Bowl within three seasons. Let me write that again. The Dallas Cowboys will win a Super Bowl within three seasons. That’s right folks: I double-downed about a Super Bowl victory.

If the 2019 Dallas Cowboys were expected to win the NFC East division, expected to have playoff success and reach the Super Bowl under former head coach Jason Garrett, you have to believe my guarantee. McCarthy is a universe above Garrett and best of all, he’s proven it with less talent and greater odds.

The 2020 Dallas Cowboys are still under construction but it is already composed of components greater than any of McCarthy’s Packers teams. On top of that, the head coach is assembling a super staff to boot his second coming. Dallas finally upgraded their operating system after a 10-year experiment.

I’m so excited about the 2020 year for the Dallas Cowboys and Cowboys Nation. The decade is starting right. For me, there’s a sense of hope, a sense of renewal again. I haven’t felt this well since Bill Parcells came to Big D in 2003. It feels like the ‘Boys are back in town.

With former head coach Jimmy Johnson entering the Hall of Fame, we are reminded of four very important words in Cowboys’ culture. It’s a phrase we all know; something deep in fan DNA. Mike McCarthy will need to learn it, to say it.

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You know what I’m talking about, right? Here you go, coach McCarthy. In Jimmy Johnson fashion and all: How ’bout them Cowboys!