Dallas Cowboys: The Jerry Jones effect may finally be positive this season

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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has long been criticized for the way he approaches ownership of his team. It may not be such a bad thing next season.

The Dallas Cowboys were not apart of yet another high-flying postseason NFL weekend, such as the one that just passed. It is partly due to that very fact that they are now the proud new recipients of a new head football coach for the first time in about a decade.

With Jason Garrett being jettisoned last week after about a week of sluggish deliberation, Mike McCarthy was quickly tabbed to be the guy. McCarthy is a quarterbacks guy, he is an offensive guy, he is no-nonsense, and he also knows how to deal with strong personalities. These are all things we know about McCarthy based on his time as the Green Bay Packers’ head coach.

What we also know about the Cowboys’ new head man is that he was eventually let go by the Packers, with the noise out of Cheesehead Land mainly surrounding McCarthy becoming too stagnant, complacent, and there simply needing to be a new voice calling the shots in Green Bay.

To wrap up the segment surrounding what we know about McCarthy based on his Green Bay days, we also know he has never had an in-house owner to deal with, and especially not one as hands-on as Jerry Jones is and will continue to be.

For clarity, in Green Bay, the city owns the team. It’s a very sticky concept to try and totally wrap your head around if you are unfamiliar or if this is your first time hearing it, but it is basically a bonded trust to the residents of the city, who initially financed it’s being via the purchase of said bonds.

Well, in Dallas and as mentioned, there most certainly is an owner. You can be certain the Mike McCarthy won’t become stagnant or complacent in Dallas. The main reason is that, as we have mentioned several times, Jerry Jones is so involved that he won’t let you.

Jerry Jones also just went through a decade of Jason Garrett, which should have him on proverbial edge when it comes to the performance of his current Head coach, whoever that may be moving forward and of course McCarthy at the moment.

Although Green Bay is a traditional NFL powerhouse and franchise in the NFL, the media attention, coverage, and public scrutiny is nothing like that of the Dallas Cowboys, as no professional sports team anywhere in any league experiences anything like it.  This is something else that will help to keep McCarthy from experiencing some of the same things that eventually helped to end his tenure in Wisconsin.

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It has often been a criticism of Jerry Jones that he’s too involved. In this particular scenario, in dealing with a coach that has never had to be held accountable by an owner in the building, I believe it will actually help in this marriage of coach and organization. That is why the Jerry Jones effect may finally be a good thing.