Jason Garrett’s dismissal indicative of bigger issues in Dallas

The Dallas Cowboys finally officially fired Jason 0Garrett. Why so long is questionable, but regardless, it paints the picture of what’s wrong in Dallas.

The Dallas Cowboys have been dilly-dallying around for the better part of a week when it comes to Jason Garrett and his future, or lack thereof, with the franchise. As we all believed it had to be inevitable following their failure to make the playoffs at the end of Week 17, it didn’t happen on Sunday evening or night.

Fair enough, as there is a whole day dedicated to events such as these, we call it Black Monday. This was surely the day that Garrett would be released, right? Wrong, and by a long way now that we are on the other side of it.

Leading up to this point though, there’s constantly been this back and forth all week of reports. One reporter saying Garrett’s definitely out, while another would say something like he was still lobbying for his job.

And then, on Sunday afternoon, it finally happened. The news was delivered by Jay Glazer via the Twitter account of NFL on FOX. The Cowboys officially announced they were moving on from Garrett.

The handling of Garrett’s dismissal is indicative of a few of the Cowboys’ biggest issues. When it comes to a decision like this, it should be made sternly and quickly, not be drawn out. That has bitten the Cowboys already and will bite them again in the future.

Whether you are looking at situations like making or not making a roster transaction soon enough, such as some people’s opinion on how and/or when they parted ways with wide receiver Dez Bryant.

Or even scenarios like not getting a deal done soon enough, as in the case of running back Ezekiel Elliott and perhaps even quarterback Dak Prescott and wide receiver Amari Cooper. The Cowboys have shown too much procrastination as of late on the most important decisions.

The next issue is making decisions based too much on personal feelings and relationships, rather than making them based on what’s best for the success of the football team on the field. We all know the story, or at least the supposed story, and reasoning as to why Jimmy Johnson was let go in the midst of winning Super Bowls.

It’s said that owner and general manager Jerry Jones let his personal feelings get the best of him there. It could be because of those same personal feelings, but on the opposite end of the spectrum, that Garrett has managed to last this long. This long as in for his entire tenure, this season, and this deep into the Cowboys’ week-long offseason.

Who knows what was going on behind those walls and in those meetings. Whether it was lobbying from Garrett’s side or possibly attempting to get him to stay in another role from the Jones coalition, it was made all too complicated by the number of personal feelings infused into the situation.

These are definite issues that must be appropriately mitigated moving forward. Perhaps if decisions were made without as much personal feeling attached, they wouldn’t take as long and be so drawn out. Either way, let’s hope this doesn’t carry over into the co-op with the new coaching regime, as that might also inevitably … mean more of the same.