Dallas Cowboys season review – Offense, defense, and special teams

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Dak Prescott, the receivers and tight ends

Quarterback, receivers, and tight ends: Quarterback Dak Prescott put up the best numbers of his career in 2019, coming within a single yard of Tony Romo’s single-season record of 4903 yards.

Unfortunately, that’s not a great recipe for winning football games. Quarterbacks usually throw for more yards when their team’s playing from behind. And remember, despite the great numbers, they didn’t lead to any comeback wins.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve been very pleased with Prescott’s improved play, but I’m hoping it leads to better things in 2020.

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As for Amari Cooper, though great at times this year, he’s been disappointing in the last half of the season. Though this might be due to injuries, it still presents the front office with a quandary. Cooper will be a free agent within weeks.  Should the Cowboys write him a big check or not?

To sign Cooper to a long-term contract, they’ll probably have to pay him $18 million or more per year. But if they let him go, they’ve thrown away a first-round draft pick.

My solution – Sign Prescott ASAP, then throw the franchise tag on Amari for the season. Make him earn a new contract. Then, even if they decide to let him go next year, at least they’ll have gotten a few years out of him.

Even better, he’ll play great more consistently, and Dallas will be happy to crack open the checkbook.  Either way, the most ideal option would be getting Cooper to sign for a bargain contract. If they could somehow get Cooper to sign for $15 million or so, I’d make that deal all day long.

One highlight of the season was Michael Gallup’s emergence as a great receiver in his own right. Gallup had a great year, racking up 1,107 yards in receptions and six touchdowns.

Alas, I think it’s time for tight end Jason Witten to hang up his cleats (again). Though he played well at times, he had a lot of drops too.  Just as bad, Witten often had trouble getting open.

Thankfully, Blake Jarwin has been excellent when he’s had the opportunity. For a guy his size, he’s very quick, very fast, and he runs great after the catch. If it were me, I’d’ve started Jarwin for most of the season.

I think it’s time for the Cowboys to draft another tight end, or sign another free agent. I’ll be the first one to vote Witten into the Hall of Fame, but I think his career should be over.