Dallas Cowboys offense a major let down in huge game against Eagles

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The Dallas Cowboys had the opportunity to seize a division-clinching win on Sunday against the Eagles in Philadelphia. They were unable to get it done.

The Dallas Cowboys came into Sunday’s game with everything in front of them. Amazingly, after being as up and down as they have been all season, they had a chance to come into Sunday’s game and not only get a win against a tough divisional rival in the Philadelphia Eagles, but lock up their division and a subsequent playoff berth as well.

Obviously, that didn’t appear to mean anything to the Cowboys as they were down 10-0 before the game really got started. The defense was able to hold the Eagles to 10 points for the first half. So while the start was rather lopsided, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

The game finished with a score of 17-9, so the Cowboys defense played well enough to win. Especially when you consider the fact that Philadelphia only scored seven points after that opening flurry. The defense wasn’t the issue for Dallas. The offense, on the other hand, seemed totally inept.

Quarterback Dak Prescott was bad. He wasn’t awful, but he was bad. Prescott missed more than a couple of key throws that were for crucial conversions, big yardage, both, or could have even led to touchdowns. His main wide receivers, other than Randall Cobb, all had really bad days when it comes to drops as well.

Wideout Amari Cooper dropped one of the easiest passes he’ll see all year, which would have been a third-down conversion for a first down. And second-year receiver Michael Gallup dropped a huge pass that more than likely would have led to a touchdown, after clearly beating the Eagles defensive back on the route.

Prescott ended the day completing only 25 of his 44 passes against the Eagles. He threw for 265 yards and had no touchdowns or interceptions.

Running back Ezekiel Elliott wasn’t bad, but he wasn’t stellar either. Elliott rushed for 47 yards on 13 carries in Philly, averaging 3.6 yards per rushing attempt. Zeke also had seven catches off seven targets for 37 yards.

The Cowboys offense was only able to score nine points for crying out loud, in what should have amounted to a playoff game for them. While the Eagles seemed like they knew what they were playing for. The offense for Dallas was a total let down on Sunday.

The Cowboys could have wrapped up the division with this win on Sunday, but now the Eagles are now in the driver’s seat. The Birds have to win next week in order to lock it up, while the Cowboys could still win the division with a Philadelphia loss to the New York Giants along with a victory of their own over the Washington Redskins next week.

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While it isn’t likely that the Philadelphia Eagles lose next week, there is still a chance. Performances like this make me wonder if it’s even worth it though, as the Dallas Cowboys don’t look like they could make the slightest bit of noise even if they did make it into the postseason. But as fans of America’s Team, we’ll simply keep our fingers crossed.