3 things to digest before the Dallas Cowboys host Los Angeles Rams

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2. Ezekiel Elliott versus Jalen Ramsey

I have to add gas to this fire. For whatever reason, Zeke Elliott appears to be riding a decline while Jalen Ramsey is just heating up after his trade from the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Last week, the Rams held running back Chris Carson to 76 yards on 15 totes. Quarterback Russell Wilson was limited to 28 yards on five carries. But even more important, the Rams didn’t allow Wilson a touchdown on the ground or in the air.

As of late, the Dallas Cowboys are so intent on starting the game fast that they neglect the remainder of the game. Ramsey, along with marque names like Clay Matthews and Aaron Donald, may offer way too much firepower for the Cowboys.

Ezekiel Elliott, still in his prime at 24 years of age, is over the 1,000-yard mark for the year. Unfortunately, I see the Cowboys crumbling by the end of the second quarter, which means we will see a heavy dose of Dak Prescott‘s right arm.

Elliott has not hit the century mark since Week 9, where he danced for 139 yards against the other embarrassing NFC East team, the Giants. Elliott won’t get a real chance to test his wheels Sunday against this rising defense.

The Dallas Cowboys will fall behind early. And Ramsey will chuckle at the crowd a few times, especially in Jerry Jones’ direction, the general manager who took Zeke over the cornerback.