3 things to digest before the Dallas Cowboys host Los Angeles Rams

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The falling Dallas Cowboys host the Los Angeles Rams this Sunday. Both teams are heading in different directions, but can the ‘Boys redirect traffic?

Let me go ahead and tell you my prediction now. The Dallas Cowboys don’t look right. To make matters worse, the Los Angeles Rams are finding fire during a span where every contest means everything.

On the other hand, the Dallas Cowboys are welcome to sleep in, sip their coffee, and take a loss because their services aren’t truly required until the following week. But even if the Cowboys were playing for their lives on Sunday, do you really think I’d give head coach Jason Garrett a thumbs up against a contender with a winning record?

It would take a lot to convince me that this upcoming match up is nothing more than a layup for the Rams. This L.A. squad is down to scratching with their fingernails, in a conference with supreme teams. Meanwhile, the ‘Boys are skating by with an embarrassing 6-7 record, which places them ahead of the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Dallas Cowboys enter Week 15 as the league’s favorite rodeo to make fun of. The spotlight on Big D right now isn’t due to performance. Witnesses tune in to watch themes of a crumbling empire cripple right before their eyes. Right now, the soap opera that is the Cowboys is too much to pass on.

Will Jason Garrett finally get the boot (probably not)? Is it too little, too late, now that the Cowboys finally parked kicker Brett Maher (probably)? And finally, what will owner and general manager Jerry Jones say if America’s Team drops four straight games?

Give me Dallas 10, Los Angeles 34. The Rams looked mint following their victory over another Super Bowl contender, the Seattle Seahawks. Right now, the Rams have a purpose; the Cowboys have question marks.

Well, if you dare read further, here are three things to digest before the Dallas Cowboys get clipped left and right by the Rams.