What will it take for Jason Garrett to stay in Dallas?

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Four weeks remain in the 2019 regular-season. With the Dallas Cowboys in a bad situation, does the remaining schedule matter for Jason Garrett’s job?

It’s been 10 years that head coach Jason Garrett called the shots on the field for the Dallas Cowboys. In those 10 years, there have been good years highlighted by his 2016 coach of the year award.

There have also been bad years, such as the 2015 season that saw the Cowboys have a record of 4-12. Yes, then starting quarterback Tony Romo only played four games, but the New Orleans Saints and Pittsburgh Steelers of this season show it shouldn’t make that much of a difference.

This then falls on one person, and that is Jason Garrett. There has already been a lot of criticism from fans, and even owner Jerry Jones. What does Jason Garrett have to do to stay with the Dallas Cowboys??

The first thing I want to point out is I’m ruling out making the playoffs. If the Cowboys do not make the playoffs with the roster that they have, well then Garrett can’t argue to keep his job. If Dallas makes the playoffs, then what?

Regardless of whatever happens, even if Dallas loses three of the four remaining games, the regular season doesn’t mean anything anymore. Jerry Jones told ESPN.com how much he cares about winning Super Bowls.

"“… there is nothing, absolutely nothing, short of the health and goodwill of the people I care about, there is nothing that means more to me than if I could get a Super Bowl. Nothing.”"

So then is winning a Super Bowl the saving grace for Garrett’s tenure in Dallas? Would you be fine with a new contract for Jason Garrett if he somehow puts together a miracle playoff run?

That may be what it takes to save his career. The regular season does not matter, except for making the playoffs. That includes even technically having a losing record yet making the playoffs anyway.

What if Dallas makes it to the Super Bowl, but ultimately loses it? That appears to be the bare minimum for Garrett to even have a chance to save his career in Dallas.

Even if he were to push Dallas to the NFC Championship Game, which would be the furthest he has ever taken the team in his 10 years as a head coach in Dallas, it is not enough.

I think that making the Super Bowl would give Garrett a couple of years. A Super Bowl win would grant Garrett a decent new contract. Failing to make the Super Bowl at all should have Garrett packing up his stuff and looking for a new team.

That is not what I want to happen, but it is what I can see happening. The relationship between Garrett and Jones is what made him last this long. A glimpse at the Super Bowl added to that may make Jerry give Garrett another shot.

Jerry Jones will do anything to win Super Bowls, so this is what he truly believes will give Dallas the best chance to win it. A new coach this far into the year doesn’t make sense for immediate success, so a new coach would need to be hired in the offseason.

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Hearing the backlash from fans is going to be very entertaining if Garrett gets a new contract. What would Jason Garrett have to do to convince you to give him a new contract this offseason?