Dallas Cowboys: Is this the end of the ‘Yes Man’ era?

The Dallas Cowboys coaching search has to begin now if they want to get their man. But will their next head coach be a ‘Yes Man”‘or do things his way?

As much as Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones continues to say that he supports head coach Jason Garrett, we all know his time here is coming to an end.

So the question then becomes, who will be the next head coach of the Cowboys and how much power will he have? For all of our sakes, it better not be what we’ve had over the last nine seasons.

Garrett has been forced to coach controversial players by Jones, players like Greg Hardy, Rolando McClain, and David Irving to name a few. All players that don’t exactly fit the right kind of guy motto that Garrett always touts to the media. Making the best out of a tough situation during those situations.

Now with Garrett seemingly on the outs in Dallas, could the next head coach gain more power? Everyone knows that Jones is dying to get back to another Super Bowl, and with the talent on this roster, you can understand why. This could be a reason why the next head coach of the Dallas Cowboys could have the more sway over the roster that we’ve seen in a long time.

Jones must know by now that to get a coach that can take his team back to the Super Bowl, he’ll need to step aside and be more of an owner and behind the scenes general manager.

No more jumping in front of cameras and contradicting his coaches and siding with players. If he can do that and let the head coach truly be that, he can get a coach like Urban Meyer, or a well known NFL caliber coach that is a proven winner.

The balls in Jerry Jones court now, because we all now that the Dallas Cowboys will go nowhere with another “Yes Man” for Jones to push around.