Awkward but comparable outlooks for Dallas Cowboys and coach

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The Dallas Cowboys dropped another game on their Thanksgiving Day game with the Buffalo Bills. The outlooks for all parties are starting to look identical.

The Dallas Cowboys took a tough defeat on last Sunday at the hands of the New England Patriots. Not only did they have to take on the Patriots in their place in Foxborough, an already tall enough task, they also had to compete with the weather, conditions, and apparently the referees.

After calling a phantom tripping call earlier in the game, the Dallas Cowboys were whistled for another while trying to convert for a first down on what could have been a drive to take the lead or tie the ball game at the time. The NFL came out shortly after the game, within the next day or so, to say that they had incorrectly made those calls.

While that game could not be replayed, the results were what they were, but the Cowboys at least had Thanksgiving to look forward to. Not only would they not have to wait a complete week to redeem themselves, but they would be up against a Buffalo team that although sported an 8-3 record, wasn’t exactly an offensive dynamo that didn’t appear to be as good as the Cowboys.

Well, that wasn’t exactly true. The Buffalo Bills came out and smacked the Dallas Cowboys around, forcing turnovers in every way imaginable, or in all the possible ways that they can be forced to be more specific. The Dallas Cowboys would lose to the Bills 26-15.

Although Jerry Jones was quoted after the game as saying that he’s just not going to make a coaching change, a statement he has echoed for the entirety of the past week, we all know that Garrett is at this point what is referred to as a lame-duck coach.

While the term can take on one of a few different meanings, it qualifies from all angles in the case of The Red Clapper. Not only is he a coach without a new deal that extends beyond this season, but he is practically biding his time until the end of the season where being fired seems inevitable.

The Dallas Cowboys’ team is sort of in the same position as their coach, although to a different manifestation. They are in a lame-duck scenario as well, but due to how they’ve played over the past few weeks.

Still sitting somewhat in the driver’s seat to win the NFC East division, the Cowboys still will likely make the playoffs but based on what we have seen thus far and over the past few weeks especially, does it really matter considering that they probably aren’t good enough to beat anybody that they might face in an NFC Playoff matchup? That answer is truly unknown, but the answer seems more “no” than “yes” at the moment.

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While Jason Garrett‘s name has been linked to the New York Giants, providing he is fired by the Cowboys and the Giants have an opening, he will perhaps land on his feet either way. In that same tone, the Cowboys could all of a suddenly start clicking again and catch fire at the right time. While either is possible, neither seems logical but at least in the team’s case, we sure hope they are able to salvage something from this otherwise disappointing season so far.