The Dallas Cowboys must be convincing on Monday night

(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /

The Dallas Cowboys walk into MetLife stadium for the second time in three games on Monday night. Against the Giants, they must win convincingly.

Although it won’t be against the team that handed them a loss in MetLife Stadium several weeks ago, the Dallas Cowboys have a chance to redeem their MetLife reputation on Monday, well, at least somewhat. The chance will come as they walk into the home stadium of the New York Football Giants for a Monday Night showdown on ESPN.

While every game and potential win is important, as you only get 16 chances a year to do so, this game has a few extra layers of importance heaped onto it. Although the Giants don’t appear to be a threat to compete in the division right now, this is a divisional opponent for the Cowboys. And we all know how important those types of matchups can be.

Not only does it initially put you further in the lead for the division in itself, but if there are tiebreakers needed to determine who will go on from the division, the results of these games are amongst the most crucial and important.

With division opponents in mind, the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Chicago Bears on Sunday, giving them a record of 5-4. In order to maintain the virtual lead that the Cowboys have over the Eagles, with the Philly having played one more game than Dallas due to the Cowboys having their bye week already, this game against the Giants is sort of a must-win.

While all of the prior factors are true and important enough in themselves, the Cowboys must also win this game in a convincing fashion. They must win it this way for three main reasons, to show themselves, to show the fanbase, and to show their owners.

They must win convincingly for themselves to continue to prove to themselves that they are what they think they are. They must win in this fashion to show the fanbase that what they have shown us in their brightest moments is closer to what they actually are, not what we saw in the Saints or Jets games, in example.

Most importantly, they must win stunningly to show ownership that they believe in what is happening in the building right now. They must show them that everything they’ve done up until and to get to this point, wasn’t for not.

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While again, every game is important, this one has extra significance attached. The Cowboys must show that they are what they have been built up to be. It is for all of the prior reasons, that the Cowboys must win on Monday and in a convincing fashion.