Dallas Cowboys: Why adding Michael Bennett was a slam dunk no-brainer

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(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) /

The Dallas Cowboys made a potentially huge acquisition on Thursday and huge for a few reasons. Here’s why trading for Michael Bennett was a no-brainer.

The Dallas Cowboys have done it again! Well, that is a strong possibility. With the addition of Michael Bennett, that would make the third big-name trade that the Cowboys have made in the last year.

While we don’t know for sure how Bennett will fair once he suits up for the Cowboys, he did manage to get 2.5 sacks for New England in Weeks 2-5, while only playing about 33 percent of all possible snaps.

Besides, if the other two trades that the Cowboys have made are any indication of how this one might turn out, then Bennett should be well on his way to making an immediate impact. While a motivated and dominate Michael Bennett would be the best-case scenario for the Dallas Cowboys, this was still a no-brainer, slam dunk, win-win type of deal for them in the worst case. Here’s why.

Bennett is a very versatile defensive lineman. Not only can he pass rush from the outside on the edges, but he can shift over to the interior of the line and disrupt the game from there as well,  either as a pass rusher or a run defender. This should work well with Robert Quinn and DeMarcus Lawrence patrolling the edges for the most part.

Bennett also has a sense of familiarity with how the Cowboys approach things defensively, or at least he should. He and Cowboys defensive playcaller Kris Richard spent quite a bit of time together during Seattle’s Legion of Boom years. With Richard and defensive line guru Rod Marinelli, Bennett should be able to find a way to make a really meaningful contribution quickly.

Another reason for this trade being a no-lose situation for the Cowboys is because they didn’t give up anything practically. They officially gave up a seventh-round pick, which could conditionally turn into a sixth-round pick.

In all honesty and although there are those rare gems, they gave up a pick that would probably turn into a guy who wouldn’t even make the Cowboys final roster. You’re probably saying “but Belichick can make one of those a star”, which wouldn’t be a farce, but that’s of no significance to the Cowboys.

Those are the basic reasons why this was a no-brainer, it didn’t cost the Cowboys anything, but it could potentially be a game-changer from a defensive perspective. Yes, Bennett has shown to be a little nuts on the field at times, but I like my football players with a little on-field insanity.

This goes especially for my defensive players and a very special especially for my defensive lineman. It’s a car crash along the offensive and defensive front on every play for crying out loud.

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It is for these reasons that I believe the Cowboys made a huge move. Can’t win without trying and you definitely can’t say they aren’t trying to win.