Dallas Cowboys: Would Ezekiel Elliott ever pull a Melvin Gordon?

Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /

Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott is two seasons away from free agency. If not offered extension, would he consider the Melvin Gordon path?

The Dallas Cowboys are in a very tricky position. They are approaching a juncture in time where they should be looking to take care of three of their most important players. While Dak Prescott should receive a new deal any day now, Amari Cooper‘s next deal is sure to be on the way afterward in short order.

While Cooper and Prescott are both on the final years of their respective rookie deals, with Cooper getting set to play his fifth year due to the option available on the fifth year of a first-round draft pick’s contract and Prescott getting set to play his fourth, running back Ezekiel Elliott is only going into the fourth year of a deal that could have its fifth-year option exercised. However, the rumblings have already begun about what the Cowboys should do with Elliott.

Some question whether the Cowboys should try to retain Elliott once the time comes, due to the tumultuous nature of his tenure with the team and in the NFL up until this point. Others are questioning things like what the deal should even be, based on the notion of the devaluing of running backs, combined with the example set by Todd Gurley‘s lucrative deal and his subsequent injury that revealed possibly degenerate knee’s.

Regardless of anyone’s take, in particular, there is another possible outcome that must be considered. Would Zeke ever go the route of Melvin Gordon? Gordon is reportedly planning to sit out of football if a new deal isn’t reached between him and the Los Angeles Chargers.

When it comes to Zeke, his options, and the possibilities associated with it, the Gordon route doesn’t seem like a likely one. There could be many reasons for this to be the case, but one is much more illuminating than any others.

Elliott has been involved in way too many kerfuffles since entering the league. Whether it be his situation with his former girlfriend, something like being spotted at marijuana dispensary during the preseason of his rookie year, or his latest situation in Las Vegas, Ezekiel Elliott doesn’t have any room to think about holding leverage.

If Elliott wants to eventually land the big deal his play on the field has dictated that he has earned, then he must not only continue to produce at a high level on the field and stay out of trouble off the field, but he must do all he can to not cause static or make waves.

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Threatening to hold out due to contractual issues would qualify as making waves. It also probably would not play well with the Dallas Cowboys’ decision-makers. And it definitely wouldn’t play well amongst the public, media, and fanbase. In totality, this is why I don’t think we have to worry about Ezekiel Elliott pulling a Melvin Gordon.