Give the Dallas Cowboys front office the credit they deserve

With Jerry Jones being at the helm of the Dallas Cowboys‘ front office, his moves are always harshly criticized. But you have to give him some credit.

There is no owner who is more popular in all of the sports than Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. With popularity comes scrutiny, but their front office has actually been doing a great job. Owner and general manager Jerry Jones bought the Cowboys in 1989, and soon after fired legendary head coach Tom Landry. Since that firing, Jones has received criticism for every move he has or has not made.

I often hear or read about how bad Jones and the Cowboys’ front office is and how Dallas will not win another Super Bowl as long as he is in charge of the organization. Let us look at the moves this front office has made in recent history.

The front office is actually one of the best when it comes to the draft. Since 2010, the Cowboys have had nine first-round draft picks. Seven of those selections have been named to an NFL-All Pro team. Not to mention some gems they have found outside round one such as linebackers Sean Lee and Jaylon Smith, quarterback Dak Prescott, running back DeMarco Murray, just to name a few.

Another tremendous move by the front office happened just this past season. As we all know, the Cowboys decided to trade the 2019 first round pick for wide receiver Amari Cooper.

Cowboy fans were outraged. A hopeless 3-4 football team at the time. The only positive thing in sight was a potential top 10 pick in the draft. Jones decided to make one of the boldest moves in his career. To trade a first-round draft pick for a young, not consistent wide receiver. We know how that worked out…

And as of earlier this week, Jones and the front office decided to go out and get wide receiver, Randall Cobb. Cobb has come into place to fill the void left by ex-Cowboy Cole Beasley.

This is a great deal. A one-year deal not worth a bunch of money. A low-risk, high reward deal that allows Prescott to have his best receiving core yet. If, and it is a big if, Cobb can stay healthy, he will be able to do what Beasley did so well and more.

Randall Cobb has an knack for converting first downs as Cole Beasley did but has more of a big play ability aspect to his game. I know not everybody is a fan of Jerry Jones but look on the bright side, at least he is not New York Giants’ General Manager David Gettleman.