Why aren’t the Dallas Cowboys more successful?

ARLINGTON, TX - JANUARY 15: Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones applauds during warm ups before the NFC Divisional Playoff Game against the Green Bay Packers at AT
ARLINGTON, TX - JANUARY 15: Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones applauds during warm ups before the NFC Divisional Playoff Game against the Green Bay Packers at AT /

As Dallas Cowboys fans watched the Super Bowl on Sunday, the question to ask is why can’t they be as successful as the New England Patriots.

The three weeks since the Dallas Cowboys lost to the Rams in the divisional round have been uniquely frustrating to Cowboy fans. It seems this team does just enough to win and then just enough to lose. Meanwhile in New England, there’s a team that’s a model of consistency.

In the past 20 seasons, the Patriots have made the playoffs 17 times, won 24 playoff games, and have now won six Super Bowls. Whereas the Dallas Cowboys made the playoff nine times, winning only three games in that same span. In six of those seasons, the Cowboys were one and done, bounced out after the first game.

How has this happened? Both organizations have stable ownership and solid fan bases. Unfortunately, that’s where the comparisons begin and come to a halting end. I’ve beaten up Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones in this column before.

Jones deserves his share of the credit for pulling the organization out of the doldrums of the late 80’s and the glory of the 90’s. We, as fans, aren’t writing the checks. Having said that, Jones is certainly not Patriots owner Robert Kraft and has to be taken to task here.

Both men began their careers as successful business men, before purchasing their respective teams. Kraft was the shrewder of the two because he understood that “football people” should be making football decisions.

While anointing himself general manager worked out pretty well in the early years, Jones hasn’t seen the folly of his ways was not sustainable. Kraft hired current head coach and  defacto general manager Bill Belichick, who from the outset, was given final say on all football matters.

Jones ostensibly had that in former head coach Jimmy Johnson. Tragically, Jerry could not control his own ego and the Cowboys have yet to recover from Johnson’s departure. He has continually hamstrung the team’s efforts by wanting to be the center of attention, as evidenced by his needless press conferences and radio spots.

Kraft is satisfied with laying back and letting Belichick do what he does best … evaluate, coach, and develop talent. Belichick has tuned his team into a “plug and play” outfit where the sum of the parts is greater than any one piece. Including that of future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady.

The Patriots are seemingly one or two players away from reaching the promised land every season. Yet, each year the Dallas Cowboys have needs in all phases of the team. They never seem to have one area set and can never bring in enough talent or depth.

Since 1995, the Dallas Cowboys have had a menagerie of coaches, quarterbacks, and players, who haven’t been able to put it all together for just one season. As a fan of the game and the team, you can’t help but to opine on the success of others and wonder when and why your team cannot have the same success.

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When, if ever, will it click in Jerry Jones’ head to take a step back and let those that know the game best, do what’s best for the team? Other than wearing the uniform and the Star on the helmet, what is attractive to play for a team that’s essentially an “also ran” virtually every season?

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