Will Tony Romo be a future coach for the Dallas Cowboys?

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Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo, isn’t going to coach Dallas in 2019. But considering his latest remarks, will the sides reunite in the future?

First off, Tony Romo, ex-Dallas Cowboys quarterback/current lead CBS football analyst, will not be wearing a headset for America’s Team in 2019. Romo has made it clear that he is comfortable with the life he has at the moment.

Romo has become the most loved broadcaster on television. His ability to teach the audience about the game of football, paired with his charisma and predicting abilities are second to none. With the recent departure of offensive coordinator, Scott Linehan, Cowboys’ fans are restless in curiosity over who the next play-caller will be.

So naturally, everyone wants to see Romo back with the organization to help bring a championship to Dallas. Romo clearly has a brilliant mind. In the last drive of the AFC championship between the Kansas City Chiefs and the New England Patriots, Romo predicted several key plays.

Although there is no definitive way to prove whether or not Romo would make a great coach, one thing is for sure: Romo understands offensive and defensive schemes. His ability to communicate to an average joe basic concepts via television hints at his exceptional teaching skills.

Around a week ago, Cowboys Nation was all but sure that Romo would never consider a return to the field, but during Super Bowl media week, he claimed that he does see himself coaching in the future:

If the Cowboys continue to struggle on offense in 2019, or maybe well into 2020, Romo might find himself in contract negotiations with the Jones family once again. Romo is in no rush. He is set to be in his first Super Bowl– as a broadcaster of course. And Romo’s children are still very young. Maybe once his kids get a little older, Romo will be willing to get back into the crazy work week a coach is subjected to.

Nonetheless, Romo will be a coach in the NFL– not this year, maybe not the next, or the year after that– but one day. What a fairytale ending it would be if Romo does, in fact, help bring the Cowboys their sixth Super Bowl ring.

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Do you think Tony Romo will coach the Cowboys in the future? Could he finally bring a Super Bowl to Dallas? Who do you want as the Cowboys’ offensive coordinator in 2019? Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!