Could releasing Dez Bryant make the Dallas Cowboys Dak-Friendly?

(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /

If the Dallas Cowboys cut Dez Bryant, does it make their offense more Dak-Friendly? Let’s analyze the fluid situation in Big D.

When quarterback Dak Prescott took over the Dallas Cowboys for an injured Tony Romo, there wasn’t a great sense of panic in the organization or fanbase. Nearly everyone would have imagined that it was an ideal situation for a rookie quarterback. After all, Prescott was entering a Romo-friendly offensive team filled with Pro Bowl talent.

The Cowboys rookie QB shared the backfield with Ezekiel Elliott, clearly the best running back in the NFL draft. The front office had also signed Pro Bowl running back Alfred Morris from the Washington Redskins. Running back Darren McFadden was also available and he just finished having a 1,000 yard season.

They say that a quarterback’s best friend is a talented tight end. Prescott inherited Jason Witten, easily one of the game’s greatest. Prescott also appeared to have some chemistry with tight end Geoff Swaim. Let’s not forget that offensive line stacked with first round talent.

On the outside, Prescott’s weapons featured Terrance Williams, Brice Butler and the elusive Cole Beasley. Everyone knows the star of the wide receiver group was Dez Bryant.

Similar to the advice given to head coach Jason Garrett during his thanksgiving game when he was told – “Throw it up high to Alvin.” We all thought that Prescott would have success if he could sit in the pocket and throw it to Dez.

Bryant is scheduled to meet with the Cowboys’ front office in regards to a possible pay cut and his future with the team. The decisions by the front office of the Dallas Cowboys continue to leave me puzzled and nothing would surprise me. Releasing Bryant doesn’t make much financial sense in this salary cap world, but I don’t think the front office looks at the numbers.

Our franchise isn’t known for making New England Patriot type trades with players. They didn’t shop cornerback Orlando Scandrick before releasing him. He was signed by the Redskins in minutes. The Cowboys strategy seems to be based on collecting compensatory picks and the occasional draft day trade.

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If this is the end of Bryant’s career in Dallas, I want to review my second most memorable Dez Bryant play – The Catch.

In the frozen tundra of Green Bay – (that makes it sound extra dramatic) – the Cowboys faced a 4th and 2 with the season on the line and the Superbowl within reach. The team with the NFL’s leading rusher, DeMarco Murray averaging 4.7 yards per carry and best offensive line in football didn’t pound it up the middle.

Instead, the Cowboys went to a five receiver set and an empty backfield.

Three seconds into the video, with wide receiver Cole Beasley coming open underneath, quarterback Tony Romo recognized the man to man coverage on Bryant and prepared to launch the football. Romo knew that anytime Bryant had man coverage, it was ADVANTAGE Bryant — and it still is.

Romo and Bryant didn’t think about getting three yards or five yards. Romo’s pass went thirty yards downfield in a perfect combination of touch and accuracy – and Dez caught it.

That’s what Bryant brings to the table when combined with an elite quarterback that quickly reads defenses and throws a catchable pass.

I would hate to see Bryant go. The old school side of me loves seeing players spend their entire career with one team. So I’ve been wondering — Could getting rid of Bryant make the Cowboys offense more Dak-Friendly offense? I don’t think so, but maybe Dak-Friendly means more scrambling, more hand-offs and shorter passes to running backs and tight ends.

My advice to Bryant: Take the league minimum and go to Atlanta. It’s warm, they have a dome and Matt Ryan isn’t afraid to let it fly. Get paired with Julio Jones, put up video game numbers and make a reality show like Chad Johnson and Terrell Owens. Win a championship like DeMarcus Ware.

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It’ll give us one more reason to dislike – “the Joneses” and increase our cries for a real GM. If you stay with the Cowboys, then get rebellious and take a knee during the anthem on Sunday Night Football. That would really irritate the front office. No matter what happens – you’re a fan favorite and Cowboy Nation will wish you the best.


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