Dallas Cowboys: Can Marcus Davenport become the war daddy?

GLENDALE, AZ - SEPTEMBER 25: Defensive end Taco Charlton
GLENDALE, AZ - SEPTEMBER 25: Defensive end Taco Charlton /

Sure, the Dallas Cowboys tagged defensive lineman DeMarcus Lawrence, but that doesn’t mean work at the line is done. Can this rookie be the new war daddy in Big D?

The free agency period got you down?

The Dallas Cowboys are in vacation mode this free agency signing period and you know what, that’s awesome.

The fabric in Big D is not about getting better with cash in free agency. And while most of Cowboys Nation is crying over being the butt of jokes, I welcome it.

You know what, I think it’s funny that the Dallas Cowboys have become the joke of the NFL. The team lost in a bidding war to land Sammy Watkins, who will play star receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Outside of tagging DeMarcus Lawrence with the franchise tag and placing a second-round free agent tender on David Irving, the Cowboys have pretty much been silent.

The question I have is this: What’s the big deal, folks?

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Are the same people who are complaining now the same folks who complained about Brandon Carr‘s mega contract? Sure, the $50 million-dollar man was on the turf and serviceable during his five seasons in Dallas. But, he was signed to be a threat, a difference maker, not a serviceable cornerback.

So how should the Dallas Cowboys address needs and wants? Well, the blueprint, which has been applied for some years now and governs the ‘Boys until this day, is to get better through the draft.

The Cowboys are being the Cowboys this year. And, I think it’s funny that you think it’s funny. One less Brandon Carr on the Cowboys means more cash for the future. This all hopefully leads to more quality signings down the line.

Let’s not kid ourselves though, the Cowboys had some bad picks over the years (see: Randy Gregory). As other teams build roster cabinets through the NFL Draft, the Cowboys are addressing talent needs the very same way.

On that note, sorry to Ndamukong Suh fans, but the defensive tackle shouldn’t make his way to Dallas with this policy in place.

Speaking about addressing talent through the draft, let’s change gears to war daddy talk. Could defensive end Marcus Davenport become one in Big D?

Davenport has tremendous potential. And, as a rookie, he fits the bill that governs how the Cowboys are building the roster. Sign young. Draft smart.

At six-foot-six, 264 pounds, the San Antonio, Texas product has the height, power, and jets to beast his way around the corner. Davenport is an intriguing player because he’s been good as a 4-3 defensive end, but his ceiling can even be better with the right coaching in the NFL.

Depending on how players like DeMarcus Lawrence, Taco Charlton, and even Randy Gregory play out, building the future Dallas picture with a guy like Davenport is a foot in the right direction.

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In his four years in college, Davenport earned 95 tackles, 37.5 of those were for a loss. He contributed to six forced fumbles and 21.5 sacks over his college career. See you at the 19th pick, Mr. Davenport?