Dallas Cowboys should welcome division rivals to champions table


The Dallas Cowboys need to make room for their division rivals at the championship table before a pending victory in Super Bowl LII.

Waking up on the morning of any Super Bowl as I was growing up a Dallas Cowboys fan was like a watered-down version of Christmas morning. It was the final day for football, this despite the fact that the useless Pro Bowl would take place the following weekend. The most watched TV show in the country would once again dominate. There would be parties, food, fun and – oh yeah, a football game too.

No, the Dallas Cowboys never played in the Super Bowl until I was old enough to buy a drink, but as a kid it didn’t really matter. I missed the Roger Staubach era because my training as a Jedi Knight was too important for interruption.

I always found myself wondering exactly which of the final four teams in the conference championship games would actually face each other. Once that matchup was determined, I often thought to myself, ”I didn’t see that coming.” That’s weird given the fact there were so few possibilities.

At this point, I’d rather watch paint dry than sit through another championship game that ”features” Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. I actually pulled for New England to pull that huge upset over the St. Louis Rams back in Super Bowl XXXVI in early 2002 and had no issue with the two additional wins in 2004 and 2005.

But then came Spygate.

Then there was Deflategate.

No, I don’t acknowledge the ”legacy” of Bill Belichick or Brady – and neither should you or anybody else. I’ll write a book one day about the many reasons why Brady isn’t even in the top 5 of the all-time greatest quarterbacks, but that’s another discussion. I’ll concede that he’s by far the luckiest quarterback in history, no doubt.

For now, let’s prepare to make room at the championship table for – gulp – the Philadelphia Eagles.

Yip, it’s time.

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This prediction has little to do with not wanting to see the Patsies win a sixth Super Bowl, which would surpass the five valid championships won by the Dallas Cowboys. On the contrary, it has much more to do with not wanting a systemic cabal of circumvention and corruption to be rewarded once again with a smudged championship.

Don’t worry – this Eagles championship will be over the instant the clock hits 00:00 upon the conclusion of Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis. Sure, Eagles fans won’t sleep for days and there might not even be a city called Philadelphia by the time the sun breaks on Monday morning. There might only be a massive crater sitting beneath a huge mushroom cloud.


These defending Super Bowl champions will begin cannibalizing themselves within just a few weeks as an immediate quarterback controversy ushers in the offseason. You really going to tell Nick Foles, regardless of his performance on Sunday, that he’s no longer the starting quarterback after winning this city’s first Super Bowl?

Is this how Rocky was treated?

Assuming Carson Wentz is still entitled to his starting position once summer roles around, who’s his backup quarterback going to be? You think Foles, despite his current contract, is going to just sit back and say, ”Sure, I’ll ride the pine again” after possibly winning Super Bowl MVP? As it stands, Foles might only be one-year away from voiding that five-year contract he signed last summer.

Win or lose, Foles will almost certainly be traded sooner than later, but not before some strong division amongst Eagles fans if Philadelphia should beat the Patriots on Sunday, which they will.

As a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, it has to seem like a really bad dream to think of a football game against the defending Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles – but it’s not. Frankly, I find it kind of fascinating seeing as how it has never happened before. Is there zero pride in knowing that the Dallas Cowboys will be playing in the only division in which all four teams will have won at least one Super Bowl? I think that’s a pretty cool distinction, but that’s just me.

Sure, Eagles fans will walk and talk like they’ve won 13 Super Bowls on the basis of simply winning just one – but the numbers don’t lie: The Dallas Cowboys have won five Vince Lombardi trophies in eight tries. The New York Giants have won four in their five attempts and the Washington Redskins have earned three in their five appearances.

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If I’m right, the Eagles will have won a single trophy in three tries – not bad, but not something to get carried away with. The NFC East hierarchy will not have changed at all on the basis of one – or even two – championships and this is undeniable. The better focus for the Eagles fanbase is to remember that next year’s schedule will not be of the non-playoff variety, Ezekiel Elliott will not be suspended and do not play with fire following the win.

Yes, this includes the Super Bowl parade as well, provided the city of Philadelphia is still around to have one.

Give me the Eagles 28, Patriots 13.