Dallas Cowboys: Is Nick Foles better than Dak Prescott?

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From Philly to St. Louis to Kansas City, quarterback Nick Foles goes full circle with the Eagles. But is he better than the Dallas Cowboys’ Dak Prescott?

Nobody saw Nick Foles coming, including the Dallas Cowboys. Foles, who turned 29 just 10 days ago, leads the high-flying Philadelphia Eagles on the stage of all stages.

Taking away a week 17 match with the Cowboys, Foles has been perfect since October 29th, when he took over for Carson Wentz. In that time span, he led the Eagles to a 6-0 run in the regular season, again, if you discount a meaningless week 17.

In the playoffs, he damaged two top-tier teams in Minnesota and Atlanta. So far in the postseason, he has accumulated a 122.1 quarterback rating, three touchdowns and no interceptions. He has completed 77.8 percent of his passes.

Oh, to show for his success, he gets a ticket to face Tom Brady and his Patriots at the Super Bowl.

With 39 games started, and 49 games played overall, the sixth-year pro should draw interest next year, regardless of the outcome in the Super Bowl. Of course, Foles’ status will heavily depend on Wentz and his recovery time. But regardless, Foles will be an interesting topic heading into the 2018 new year.

This brings me to my next question. Would you rather have Foles over Dak Prescott? After the Cowboys spiraled out of the 2017 year, headlines and murmurs flooded Prescott, leaving the blame at his front door.

And, to no surprise, fans have been virtually knocking on Tony Romo‘s front door. That wishful thinking won’t happen, nor should any of that talk become a reality. Let’s move on. But, what about going from Tony Romo’s number nine to Nick Foles, who sports the same jersey number?

To boot, Foles will count $7.6 million against the salary cap for the Iggles. In comparison, Prescott will count just $725,848, according to spotrac.com. Foles is 29, while Prescott is only 24-years-old. Foles stands four inches taller, and football antennas can pretty much pinpoint his ceiling given his body of work.

Meanwhile, Prescott has four less seasons than Foles. His ceiling is unpredictable at this point, despite what others are saying. In two seasons, Prescott has started all possible games. He has thrown over 3,000 yards in both those years.

Foles, though, is yet to complete a 16-game season, and has never tossed a 3,000-yard season. For his career, Foles has rushed 116 times for 350 yards and five touchdowns. Prescott, a dual-threat quarterback, rushed 114 times for 639 yards and 12 scores.

Despite the quarterback talent in this year’s upcoming NFL Draft, the Cowboys are secure at that position. Prescott earned his seat on the adults table, and is the sole driver for America’s Team. He deserves to see where the needle lands on his storybook.

Foles, on the other hand, did a superb job filling in for Wentz, particularly in the playoffs. He didn’t have a Ezekiel Elliott behind him to aid his workload either. Credit the team and coaches for lending a supportive hand there.

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Whether you still want Prescott shipped out for another quarterback name or not, I think we can agree Foles is no Romo. And, given some time, Prescott may not be a Foles either. He just might be better, but that’s something to find out.