Dallas Cowboys remain focused on playoffs, not draft position

Jaylon Smith, Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Jaylon Smith, Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

The Dallas Cowboys would have the 15th overall pick if the season ended before Week 14. Is drafting a mid-tier first rounder worth chasing a playoff spot?

One of my favorite football quotes came from head coach Dennis Green, “They are what we thought they were, and we let them off the hook!” As a result, I often wish that the Dallas Cowboys were what we thought they were, but Cowboy Nation keeps letting them off the hook.

Leave it to the Cowboys to drag this season out. Simply put, this team could go through the motions for the remaining four games, finish 7 – 9 and miss the playoffs. Why would that be good? Well, it would p

rovide us with a higher draft pick.

I’m aware that there is some elation among Cowboy Nation because we just defeated (swept) the Washington Redskins. The Redskins are what we thought they were (a bad team) and we won the battle of two teams with 5 – 6 records. Nothing to get excited about.

That brings me to Dallas. It’s unfortunate that the NFL inspires parity amongst it’s teams. Prior to last year’s 13 – 3 season, our head coach Jason Garrett was approximately a .500 coach. Allow me to add that the majority of those wins were due to the greatness of Tony Romo. Unfortunately, Garrett’s extremely average winning percentage means that the Cowboys have been a .500 team and that’s not who we think they are.

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Some NFL franchises have fan bases that automatically expect to make the playoffs. The question isn’t – “Will we make the playoffs?”, but “Will we have home field advantage?” After all, without running back Ezekiel Elliott, it’s hard to talk about the playoffs. “The playoffs! Are you kidding me?” We’re just hoping to win a game!” – thanks head coach Jim Mora. The reality is that our Cowboys aren’t one of those teams – yet. Not only do they fail to dominate the NFL, but they bounce all over their own division.

Prior to this weekend, there were 13 teams with win – loss records below .500 and 12 teams with records above .500. That leaves 7 NFL teams (including our Cowboys) in the middle of the pack at 6 – 6.

According to this article by Draft Wire, the Cowboys would have gotten the 15th overall pick if the season ended before Week 14. Chasing the playoffs just leaves us with a mid-tier player selected in the first round at best and that may continue our “boom or bust” cycle.

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Football season isn’t over until it’s over and everyone in the playoffs has a chance to win it all. So let’s keep our fingers crossed that the ball can bounce our way. After all, there’s another football quote by Herm Edwards that I love hearing – “You play to win the game, hello.” So, just win baby win and let the draft picks fall where they may.


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