Was this Dallas Cowboys domination a return of their mojo?

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After a dominating performance on the road, is it possible that the Dallas Cowboys figured out enough to get their mojo back?

Say whatever you will but the Dallas Cowboys finally had the look of a team we have all been waiting to see.

I know the San Francisco 49ers are winless.  I’m aware that their rookie quarterback was getting his first ever NFL start.  I get that the Dallas Cowboys were supposed to win on Sunday.

Maybe it’s that last one that me wondering if the Dallas Cowboys have their mojo back.  Everyone thought this team would beat the Rams.  They did not.  Dallas should have beat the Packers.  They did not.

The Cowboys were once again a favorite to beat a frisky 49ers squad that lost their last five games by 15 total points.  Not only did they finally do what everyone was expecting, they did so in convincing fashion.

As I said on Sunday, this team was in need of a blowout victory.  Teams that fancy themselves as upper echelon franchises blow out bad teams.  That is exactly what Dallas did Sunday afternoon.

After an auspicious start, San Francisco was nice enough to gift the Cowboys some help by way of a fumble on the punt return.  Dallas did not waste time getting Ezekiel Elliott in the mix, handing the ball off three times for their first score.

On the very next drive, Elliott found the end zone once again.  This put Dallas up 14-0, giving the team all the cushion they would need.

Elliott’s day was definitely one for the books.

Gaining 147 yards on 26 carries with two touchdowns would be an epic day in its own right.  Adding a 72-yard touchdown reception really takes it to a whole new level.

Most importantly in all of this is the resurgence of the offensive line.  From the fourth quarter of the Packers game and throughout the game Sunday, the running game appears to be back.

Also on this day, the line did not allow a single sack on quarterback Dak Prescott.  If this type of play can continue, the offense will be able to do the one thing most necessary.

Protect the defense.

Even though the defense did a great job on Sunday as well, I choose to remain cautiously optimistic.  The best part of their performance was most certainly the three turnovers created.

This team was starving to cause an opponent a big time mistake.  The Dallas Cowboys defense had 244 plays ran against them without a turnover.  Then, Demarcus Lawrence came around the edge, blew up the quarterback and caused a fumble.

While it might be hard to say it was a big play, given that Dallas was up 20-3 at the time, I believe it was huge.  Not only did it stop any chance the 49ers had to keep it respectable, but it gave the defense life.

After that play, it just seemed like the defense wanted more and more.  They were able to hold San Francisco without any points on six straight drives.  Say what you want but that’s impressive for a team that just gave up back-to-back 30+ point games.

It’s entirely possible that this game spearheads a resurgence for the Dallas Cowboys.  It could not have come at a better time either.  With the Philadelphia Eagles seemingly running away with the division, the margin for error is slim for Dallas.

Next week is crucial to keep the vibe going.  If Dallas can put together a couple of impressive outings, the confidence will just continue to grow.

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Last Sunday was an important step in the right direction.  Next Sunday will be give us a better idea on the state of the 2017 Dallas Cowboys.