Are Ezekiel Elliott’s actions tainting the Dallas Cowboys image?

ARLINGTON, TX - SEPTEMBER 25: Ezekiel Elliott
ARLINGTON, TX - SEPTEMBER 25: Ezekiel Elliott /

The Dallas Cowboys have made plenty of misguided decisions regarding player personnel and it seems as if Ezekiel Elliott is a contributing factor.

The Dallas Cowboys may be forced to play part of the 2017 season with out their star running back Ezekiel Elliott. Elliott was suspended six games by the NFL for a domestic violence dispute that occurred in July of 2016.

Many Cowboy fans are up in arms and highly upset about the suspension. Is the NFL being too harsh on Elliott?

My answer is no. Plain and simple.

Elliott has shown time and time again that this is “Zeke’s world” and everyone else is living in it.

Starting with Elliott’s days at Ohio State when he was expressing his frustration with the coaching staff about not receiving enough carries. There were also rumors Elliott had a possible drinking problem and was an avid club goer with former teammate Joey Bosa, which may have also involved illegal drugs.

In February of 2016 was when Elliott was first accused of domestic violence. A police report was made, but charges were never pursued.

A few months later, in July of 2016, Elliott was again accused of domestic violence. The victim was the same from the February incident. Photos were taken, but conflicting stories forced the Columbus Police department in Ohio to not pursue charges once again.

Soon after, on a preseason trip to Seattle, Elliott was spotted at a marijuana dispensary.  The league has had a strict policy on drug abuse, one that has punished Elliott’s current teammates defensive ends Randy Gregory and DeMarcus Lawrence.

The 2016 football season was fairly quiet while Elliott handled his business on the field.

But the offseason came too soon as Elliott was spotted in Dallas for St. Patrick Day festivities. Video was captured of Zeke pulling a woman’s top down and exposing her to the public.

In the midst of an NFL investigation reports surfaced that Elliott may have been involved in an altercation at Clutch Bar in Uptown Dallas. He was accused of punching a DJ, but after a short investigation and a missing victim the case was suspended by the Dallas Police Department.

Elliot was rumored to have been at Clutch Bar for the third night in a row when the incident occurred.

In a day where information is so easily accessible its hard to stay out of the lime light. But there is no excuse and no free pass for Elliott’s behavior.

Now reports come out about Elliott’s victim in the domestic violence case that make her out to be a liar. She apparently has conflicting stories with Zeke and also has text messages possibly plotting to blackmail the NFL star.

No matter the person, no matter the background, no matter the words or conversations they have; No woman deserves to be hit.

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The days of role models like former Cowboys Emmitt Smith, Marion Barber, Tony Dorsett or Herschel Walker seem to have faded. Leaving the door open for us to only care about talent.

It wasn’t but two seasons ago the Cowboys had signed defensive end Greg Hardy. Hardy is out of the NFL because of his own domestic violence issues, along with Ray Rice.

Whether Elliott is guilty of domestic violence or not, he has shown poor judgement, a disregard for the team and franchise, and most importantly, he has shown his disrespect for women.

We all make mistakes. I’m sure anyone can think of their own. But let’s not turn the blind eye just because of talent and stardom. If Elliott is truly guilty, he should be punished like everyone else. And if he is not, his actions outside of that incident are still tainting the Star.

I can’t, in good faith, stand behind Elliott and show him my support even though he is extremely talented and one of my favorite players as a Cowboys fan. I wish Elliott the best of luck and I hope he can return from the ban a better man.

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The Dallas Cowboys have their hands full with running back Ezekiel Elliott, when they should be focused on winning a Super Bowl. But hopefully, with some guidance, the young man can find his way.