Things that should worry Dallas Cowboys fans in 2017

ARLINGTON, TX - NOVEMBER 24: Kirk Cousins /

The Dallas Cowboys play their first preseason game on August 3rd, 2017. Big D football is back in session. Here are some things that should worry fans.

And just like that, the Dallas Cowboys are set to play in less than a month. Though the first of five preseason games won’t exactly buzz the fan base, it’s fun to know that NFL action is getting closer.

A lot can happen in Big D before September 10th, the first week of the regular season. Two months. Five preseason games. That’s all that stands between the Cowboys and the New York Giants showdown on NBC.

You know, strange things happen during the lead up to real football. Oh, I don’t know, ever heard of a running back-breaking their elbow in an attempt to save an iPhone? Or how about losing a franchise quarterback in a meaningless snap (and game)?

Now, I am not saying there’s a Tony Romo type scenario pending down the road. But these things worry me. And they should worry you too.

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Here are things that will keep Cowboys Nation up late at night this summer.

1. The backup quarterback

My goodness, what a luxury it is to have found — hopefully — a franchise quarterback. Dak Prescott, who turns 24 on July 29th, is the buzz in Big D. And if we’re honest here, he’ll probably be the central figure to watch for as the season progresses.

But if you flip the quarterback coin, there doesn’t seem to be a face on the other side. Kellen Moore is supposedly the man, but the Dallas brass doesn’t seem confident. Neither do I. So, who is the man behind the man?

Who takes over if Dak Prescott falls into the Tony Romo trap.

2. Tony Romo

Speaking about that quarterback. Again. I know.

I wonder what kind of zoo AT&T Stadium would turn into if Prescott fell to injury this summer. Boy, oh boy. Does Romo actually pull a Brett Favre? Cause you know, he didn’t retire officially, right?


3. You had one job

The Dallas Cowboys can’t seem to escape the headlines this summer. And not for positive reasons either.

One player was suspended for four games. Another was charged with assault with a weapon. One was too drunk to dial for a Uber car.

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You have to wonder, who is next? The sad part of all this: All the players in trouble are, in my opinion, important figures to this club who can really shape the DNA of this 2017 team.

It’s really simple from this point on: Stay out of trouble. You have one job.

4. No sacks for you

I’m still wondering about the sack numbers. The Cowboys had 36 sacks last year, which placed them 13th in the league. That’s not bad considering the magic job by defensive guru Rod Marinelli. But there’s room for improvement.

With David Irving out for four games to boot the year, the Boys need pressure — like yesterday. Like Charles Haley yesterday. Hopefully with a redesigned defensive back and first rounder, Taco Charlton, things will get all super.

5. Getting beat by a division rival

Hey, it happens. Though most Dallas Cowboys fans view the NFC East teams as bye weeks, the truth is the division got better. They also got bigger at the wide-out positions, which concerns me at the defensive back spots.

Kirk Cousins tossed the ball around for nearly 5,000 yards last year. Carson Wentz doesn’t want to play baby brother to Dak Prescott. And Eli Manning is out to prove he’s not a baby to older bro, Peyton Manning.

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There will be blood in 2017. It all starts with division clashes. It’s going to be a fun year should Dallas prevail. If they don’t, oh, you know, I’ll be sipping a cocktail with some tears.

What says you? What worries you about the Dallas Cowboys this year?