Dallas Cowboys new chapter begins in seven days

Oct 5, 2014; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant (88) celebrates his fourth quarter touchdown against the Houston Texans at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports
Oct 5, 2014; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant (88) celebrates his fourth quarter touchdown against the Houston Texans at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports /

In a mere seven days the Dallas Cowboys begin a new chapter in their storied franchise, and close one of the worst chapters in team history.

Four and twelve. Tony Romo breaks clavicle for second time in 2 months. Dez Bryant requires a second surgery on injured foot. These are some of the nightmare headlines Cowboys fans had to read during the dreadful 2015 season. As of tomorrow, last year becomes a distant memory.

In just seven days the Cowboys players and coaches alike will be headed for Oxnard, California to report for training camp in preparation for the 2016 season. The nightmares of last year should start to subside, and maybe if Cowboys fans are fortunate and perhaps lucky enough those nightmares may lead to dreams coming true.

The Cowboys who not that long ago were a surprise 12-4 squad that was on the verge of a deep playoff run have appeared to have added some serious firepower to a roster that was already loaded with stars.

Enter Ezekiel Elliott, Jaylon Smith, Maliek Collins, Charles Tapper, Dak Prescott, and Anthony Brown, and Darius Jackson. With the exception of Smith in 2016, all these draft pics are projected to be roster upgrades in their roles. We all know what Zeke brings to the table. If Smith is able to return to health the Cowboys are getting a top 4 talent for their hurting defense. Collins is regarded as a high-motor player with an upside through the roof.

Tapper could be a steal pass rusher in the 4th round. Prescott should be a huge upgrade at the back up quarterback spot with some time, and possible the next starter, and Brown is a great nickel corner prospect that could develop much like Orlando Scandrick. Many think that Jackson could be a huge steal for the Cowboys to potentially backup Zeke and have a great 1-2 punch in the future.

With a poor season and all the disappointments that come along with that, you get the pleasure of drafting at the top of each round in the draft. This can really turn a football team around in a quick way if they hit on these picks. There isn’t a much better way to ring in a new era of Cowboys football than a draft class of this caliber.

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Joining those top-of-the-round draft picks we have free agent additions defensive end Benson Mayowa, defensive tackle Cedric Thornton, and running back Alfred Morris. It appears the Cowboys aren’t just turning the page on last season, they are writing a completely different story.

The coaching staff and front office know what they have to do. They have to keep star quarterback Tony Romo on the field. What better way to keep Romo upright than have other players carry the load? Insert Zeke, Morris, Jackson, and Darren McFadden. This team is going to run the ball, eat the clock, and help their depleted defense by keeping them fresh.

The Cowboys defense has been the subject of much scrutiny this season. After all, three of the players they were going to rely on the most are starting the season on suspensions, and the club hasn’t appeared to address the issue of pass rushers. Insert Mayowa and Tapper. These two have an opportunity of a lifetime to come in and make a name for themselves as NFL pass rushers while their counterparts Randy Gregory and DeMarcus Lawrence are suspended. This is how some of the greatest career stories start, folks.

This story line can be found throughout the Cowboys roster. Young players are coming in, learning from veterans, and the team is preparing to lose aging veterans by drafting players to learn from them. A new era is coming for Cowboys football, ladies and gentlemen. We are witnessing it right before our eyes.

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As the team pushes forward to win a Super Bowl with the current roster, they are also injecting some very talented youth at key positions in hopes to fortify their team for the future. In one week we get to see the new talent and the older super stars together as one. Your 2016 Cowboys will be taking to the field to forge their path, and pick up where they left off two years ago.