Here is the Dallas Cowboys key to the season

May 25, 2016; Irving, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli yells during organized team activities at Dallas Cowboys Headquarters. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports
May 25, 2016; Irving, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli yells during organized team activities at Dallas Cowboys Headquarters. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports /

While maintaining the health of the quarterback is always crucial, this area of the Dallas Cowboys play on the field needs the most improvement.

You want to win games in the National Football League, play in January and take the main stage in February?

Of course you do.  That’s the goal for all thirty-two teams every season, especially in late May when hope springs eternal and players are just getting acclimated back into the game of football.

Coaches and front office types have spent the entire offseason constructing rosters in an attempt to be relevant when the scrutiny is at its hottest while the temperature is at its coldest.

Believe me, no team is printing up inspirational T-shirts with motto’s like “Just do a little better than last time” or “Mediocrity.”

Everybody wants to be great, including the Dallas Cowboys, who are coming off the worst season they have had since the days when Michael Irvin and Troy Aikman were just babies in the league and owner Jerry Jones was cutting his teeth as an owner.

How to do it though is the billion dollar question.

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For every team, there is one key to a successful season and make no mistake, the Cowboys are not immune to this need.

Plain and simple, if Dallas wants to be a playoff team again, they need to be a lot better at creating turnovers.

That’s right folks, winners in the NFL consistently more than anything win because like bullies looking for lunch money on the playground, they take the ball away from their opponent.

Last season, the two teams that played for the Lombardi trophy ranked first (Carolina) and seventh (Denver) overall in takeaways.  Of the five teams sandwiched between them (Arizona, N.Y. Jets, Pittsburgh, Kansas City and Cincinnati) only one missed the playoffs.  None of them won less than 10 games.

The season before, your Dallas Cowboys had the second best season this franchise has experienced since the Super Bowl winning days.  They also finished second in causing turnovers with 31.

In 2013, not only did the team with the most turnovers (Seattle) win a Super Bowl ring, the top eight teams in regards to takeaways combined for a record of 83-45.  All but two of them made the playoffs.

As you can see, creating turnovers is paramount to success in this league.

Going back through the last decade, the Cowboys have been pretty mediocre at doing this, which falls right in line with the perception of this team.

They’ve had a couple of good years, finishing in the top ten twice, winning 21 games when doing so.  They’ve been in the bottom five twice as well, losing 20 games in those two years.

Don’t believe the hype, by the way, about that team from two years ago being bailed out by the ridiculous amount of carries bestowed upon the running back at that time.

The thirty-one turnovers defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli coaxed from that bunch was the most by a Cowboys team since 1999.

For all of you trying to correlate adding rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott and veteran Alfred Morris into a deep post season run, you should really be focusing on the other side of the ball.

Guys like defensive tackle Tyrone Crawford up front.  An entire offseason where Byron Jones focuses on his position of safety.  A bounce back year from cornerback Orlando Scandrick that would rival what linebacker Sean Lee provided last season.

If the Cowboys can get aggressive again defensively, then and only then will this team be on track to bring home the sixth ring it so greatly covets.

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