Cowboys Fourth Overall Pick: The Case for Paxton Lynch

Nov 14, 2015; Houston, TX, USA; Memphis Tigers quarterback Paxton Lynch (12) looks for an open receiver during a game against the Houston Cougars at TDECU Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports
Nov 14, 2015; Houston, TX, USA; Memphis Tigers quarterback Paxton Lynch (12) looks for an open receiver during a game against the Houston Cougars at TDECU Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports /

Why the Dallas Cowboys shouldn’t be shy about drafting quarterback Paxton Lynch with their first overall pick.

With the Dallas Cowboys 2015 season winding down to a disappointing total of four wins, most fans started looking at the biggest positive; draft position. After watching less than stellar backup quarterback play in the wake of Tony Romo‘s injury the Dallas faithful began to put two and two together.

The lack of an effective backup quarterback eventually led to the Cowboys high draft position, leaving many fans to think that a franchise QB could be the pick on April 28th. But, as the draft quickly approaches that all important position has fallen out of favor with most mock draft experts. Names like Jared Goff and Carson Wentz are seldom mentioned in conjunction with the Cowboys.

There is however one name that keeps sticking around. Who is that kid out of Memphis? The one who compared his own game to that of NFL MVP Cam Newton. The same kid who piqued the interest of team owner Jerry Jones to the point that he got on his private jet to fly to watch him put on a private workout in front of the Dallas brass.

The 6’7″ mobile athlete with a rocket, no, a canon for an arm. That player is none other than 22-year-old Paxton Lynch, the same Paxton Lynch who should be in play for the Dallas Cowboys top overall pick in the upcoming NFL draft. If you don’t agree with me here I can understand that; but first, hear me out as I make the case for Lynch at #4.

There are two main factors that Cowboys fans need to take into consideration when considering Lynch with the fourth overall pick. First, Draft position. The team is picking in the top five for the first time in over a decade. And it is safe to assume that most people within the organization don’t foresee them picking anywhere above 16 for the rest of Tony Romo’s career.

With no clear-cut difference maker looking the franchise in the face when they are on the clock the case can be made that a potential franchise quarterback could trump the “best player available” strategy. If Lynch is graded anywhere close to the other top players left when the Cowboys go to make their selection, he needs to be the pick.

Most analysts agree that the Memphis gunslinger will be long gone by the time Dallas is back on the clock at pick #34. If the team likes Lynch as much as most people think they do they can’t have reservations about taking him with their first pick. The opportunity to draft a quarterback with such a premium pick is one that the Cowboys need not take lightly.

This team has proven that they don’t care what chatter outside of their building says about their draft plans. Many thought that they overdrafted on center Travis Fredrick by as many as three rounds. Were they deterred by this? No. They trusted their scouts and were rewarded with multiple Pro Bowls and one of the best young interior lineman in the game. Dallas can’t allow themselves to believe that the 4th pick is too rich for Lynch if they truly believe he can be their Franchise quarterback for the next fifteen years.

The second factor to consider when making the case for Paxton at 4 is looking at the best quarterback… in 4 years. Jerry Jones has been steadfast with his idea that Tony Romo will be starting for Dallas for the next 4-5 years. With that mindset in play, the Cowboys have to look at the potential each quarterback has to develop, if in fact they can sit behind Romo for a few years.

Most analysts agree that Lynch is young in quarterback years and needs time to develop into an NFL ready signal caller. Furthermore, the other knock on him is that he needs to add bulk to his 6’7″ frame. If these two criticisms are to be believed as fact than naturally Dallas provides a perfect fit.

The Cowboys provide Lynch the opportunity to sit and learn behind one of the best quarterbacks in the game, giving him time to develop on the mental side of leading a professional team under center as well as multiple off seasons to fully grow into his prototypical frame.

Dallas can’t afford to look at the top QB in the draft with a “who’s the best player now” mindset. Instead they need to ask themselves who has the greatest potential of being the best player if our current situation plays out the way we think it will. In my opinion that quarterback is Lynch.

I would love to take Lynch with the teams second pick. Unfortunately, the majority agrees that he won’t be available at that spot. So, with the Cowboys having the luxury to take him with their top-5 pick, as well as having a solid structure in place that will allow him to grow both mentally and physically, he needs to garner strong consideration before they turn in their card on April 28th. A card that could have a name that just keeps sticking around. That kid out of Memphis, Paxton Lynch.

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