Cowboys Tony Romo, Ezekiel Elliott could be new Elway, Davis


The Dallas Cowboys Tony Romo and Ezekiel Elliott could be a perfect match for each other, just like another quarterback and running back duo.

About four years ago, in my early blogging days, I wrote a piece about not judging Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo’s career before it was over. Too many people were, and still are, quick to define Romo’s legacy before his playing days are over.

For some reason, Romo is still thought of in some circles as someone who can’t win big games, a choker. That logic holds very little water, especially after witnessing what happened last year when the Cowboys were forced to play without their leader. However, Romo will not change anyone’s minds until he leads Dallas back to a Super Bowl.

The article then compared Romo to former Denver Broncos Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway, who was once in a similar position. Elway was talked about as someone who could never win the big one since the Broncos were blown out in three Super Bowls with Elway under center. Romo hasn’t gotten the Cowboys to the big game yet, but the expectations are always there because of his statistical prominence.

But just like Elway couldn’t do it alone, neither can Romo. It took a young running back named Terrell Davis to help get the nine-time Pro Bowler and the Broncos where they needed to go. Davis arrived in 1995 and it took Denver three years to win a Super Bowl with Elway taking a reduced role behind a dominant offensive line and a stud runner.

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At that point in his career, Elway had the stats, but no championships. Davis came along and changed all that. For Romo and the Cowboys, that player could be Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott.

Dallas has a quarterback who can still play, but is aging and has become an injury risk. The team also has the offensive line to pave the way for an elite rushing attack that could help keep Romo upright, give the Cowboys the physical identity head coach Jason Garrett covets and keep their questionable defense off the field.

That strategy should sound familiar; it’s how the Cowboys won 12 games in 2014. The only difference is the offense doesn’t currently have the running back who can perform like DeMarco Murray did that season. Elliott, the draft’s best back, could have the same effect if Dallas selects him somewhere in the first round. He has the skill set that could help ease the load on Tony Romo and the defense.

John Elway was 35-years old when Davis was drafted by Denver and won his first Super Bowl at the age of 37. Romo will be 36 this season and still has some good football left in him, even if it’s not the four or five year’s owner Jerry Jones believes his quarterback can play. The Cowboys’ offense already has one of the game’s best wide receivers in Dez Bryant, tight end Jason Witten and the always open Cole Beasley among their weapons, so adding Elliott would be the best way to get the most out of Tony Romo.

We can make the argument that running backs are more of a commodity these days and they can be found later in the draft, but it’s just as easy to make the case that Ezekiel Elliott is the perfect fit for Dallas. He’s one of the true elite talents in the draft and he would affect the Cowboys in more than one area.

This doesn’t mean it’s who the Cowboys should pick, but it would certainly be understandable if Elliott was the choice in the first round (wherever they pick). Call it the John Elway-Terrell Davis effect.

No one does it alone and Dallas Cowboys could benefit from drafting Ezekiel Elliott.

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