Why the Dallas Cowboys Should Sign This Free Agent Running Back

Sep 28, 2014; Arlington, TX, USA; New Orleans Saints running back Khiry Robinson (29) runs the ball against the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium. Dallas beat New Orleans 38-17. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports
Sep 28, 2014; Arlington, TX, USA; New Orleans Saints running back Khiry Robinson (29) runs the ball against the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium. Dallas beat New Orleans 38-17. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports /

We will discuss why the Dallas Cowboys should sign this free agent running back to not only add depth to the position but upgrade the talent level.

When it comes to the Dallas Cowboys and free agency there have been a lot of hits and misses in regards to the types of players they choose to sign to the team hopefully filling much-needed holes in their roster.

The Cowboys have been much more patient in their approach to free agency over the past few seasons, usually waiting for the market to play itself out and targeting players that are much more cost-effective and cap friendly.

The strategy has allowed them the freedom to create enough cap space to where they can go after just about any free-agent they want to and there are some well-known players that will be available that would help fill the holes in the Cowboys roster if they choose to go that route.

Personally, I think they will let the first wave of free agency play out and try to avoid overpaying like they have done in the past.

I think their main focus will be to key in on defensive players to help out on that side of the ball because the defensive line and secondary is probably their top two priorities for the off-season.

There are a number of quality defensive players that would be really good additions to the Cowboys, but I also believe that there is a player on the offense of side of the ball that could possibly be just as beneficial.

Khiry Robinson of the New Orleans Saints could possibly be the best player that the Cowboys could sign in free agency and a player that would fit into their strategy over the past years of signing cost-effective veterans.

Robinson is a restricted free agent, but it is rumored that Saints are not expected to offer him a contract tender thus allowing him to test the waters of free agency.

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I find the Saints’ decision a bit surprising, especially since Robinson has showed promise of becoming a featured back when given the opportunity. This may end up being a decision that the Saints will regret, but a decision that could greatly benefit the Cowboys and their running game.

After pretty much coming out of nowhere as an undrafted rookie out of West Texas A&M, Robinson signed with the Saints after a three-day tryout at their rookie mini-camp in 2013. His three years in a league he has amassed 766 yards and eight touchdowns.

Robinson is a physical runner, and what I mean by that his he runs with an angry streak looking to physically punish any defenders that try to tackle him.

That is something that is missing in the Cowboys running game and something that is not part of Darren McFadden’s repertoire.

Although McFadden had a relatively successful year running behind the Cowboys talented offensive line, I think Robinson would be a much better fit and would be even more productive.

If you don’t believe me take a look at some of Robinson’s highlights and judge for yourself.

As you can see, Robinson runs with a reckless abandonment that the Cowboys haven’t had in their backfield since Marion Barber, but Robinson is much more than just a physical runner.

If you know anything about the New Orleans Saints you know that head coach Sean Payton really likes to use his running backs in a number of ways, especially out of the backfield as receivers.

He also possesses quicker feet than I thought he would have for someone of his size (6’0”, 220), which allows him to make the decisive cuts in the whole and get to the second level of the defense.

Robinson has enough breakaway speed to be a dangerous threat and he will not be brought down by a simple arm tackle, in fact it usually takes several defenders to finally make the tackle.

Robinson’s 2015 campaign was cut short in November after he suffered a fractured tibia, but he should make a full recovery and be ready for off-season activities.

Honestly, I think Robinson would be a great addition to the Cowboys and a player that fits into their free agency strategy of finding cost-effective additions that can have an immediate impact.

Do you think Khiry Robinson would be a good addition for the Cowboys to pursue in free agency?

Let me hear your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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