Dallas Cowboys Lose Most Hated Crown To Who?

Dec 14, 2014; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles fans talk during warm ups at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Dec 14, 2014; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles fans talk during warm ups at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports /

The Dallas Cowboys are no longer the most hated NFL team. So which franchise has taken that crown?

Alongside the title of America’s Team the Dallas Cowboys have long been branded the most hated.

"“According to a Harris Poll of 2,368 adults conducted between Sept. 9-17, the Cowboys are officially America’s favorite team again. The Cowboys have dominated the poll for almost as long as it has existed. There have been a total of 15 Harris Polls taken since 1998 and the Cowboys have been voted No. 1 in 10 of those.” CBS Sports October 2015"

As an English female relatively new to the sport, I chose the Cowboys due to family connections in Texas (there really is only one team to support in the State). The notion that I’m a glory hunter in anyway is laughable. The Dallas glory days were long since passed before I stumbled upon the team! Yet say you’re a Cowboys fan to anyone and you’re either snatched into a warm embrace or spat upon.

Truth is, they hate us cos they ain’t us.

Before I knew anything about the NFL or could even name more than four or five teams I knew I disliked the New England Patriots. I associated them as the “Manchester United” of America. For any non Soccer fans, Manchester United are one of the biggest and most successful teams in the world of soccer. They’re also arch rivals to my team Liverpool- they’re the equivalent of Cowboys/Eagles.

Why did I dislike the Patriots? Probably because of their recent success. Nobody wants to be a bandwagon fan. I couldn’t have picked out Tom Brady from Rob Gronkowski or Bill Belichick but I knew they won. So the hate was formed.

So it’s ironic now to see the Cowboys gazumped by the Brady Bunch as the most hated team in the NFL according to Public Policy Polling.

"“Every time we’ve done a poll over the years on the most hated team in the NFL the Cowboys have won out. But this year there’s a new sheriff in town- 23% of fans say the Patriots are their least favorite team with the Cowboys dropping to second at 20% and no one else in double digits.”"

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In the last twenty years the Pats have played in a Super Bowl seven times, winning 4 of them. The closest the Cowboys have gotten was hosting the game in 2011. Alongside the triumphs came controversy for the Pats though, with deflate gate the latest scandal to rock the franchise.

By comparison, in the same period the Cowboys have lost half a dozen playoff games. Not exactly competitive, and certainly not to the levels that fans expect year in year out. The Triplets of the 90’s and the Captain America led team before that truly spoil fans.

The way the media persecute Dez Bryant for every breath he takes yet hero worship the immature diva like behavior of Odell Beckham Junior reflects the general consensus of feelings towards Jerry’s Boys.

And what about the fact Tony Romo is an undrafted quarterback? Type his name into Google and you’ll see interception meme galore, but he’s broken franchise records. That doesn’t happen by accident. Of course at the end of a career it’s rings that you’re judged on, but a little kudos once in a while for a player who went from unknown to Franchise hero wouldn’t go amiss.

It’s easy to dislike teams that are winning. Ask the Panthers fans! The hate for the Cowboys may have (supposedly) eased for now. The second most hated football team despite 20+ years without a Lombardi? Imagine how they’ll feel when we win it in 2017. I cannot wait. Bring me the haters.

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