Dallas Cowboys: Moore than a fighting chance


I’m having the time of my life! It’s odd because you would think I’d be depressed after our Dallas Cowboys lost to the Carolina Panthers on Thanksgiving. Like most of you, I was confident the Cowboys would emerge victorious. Maybe you weren’t completely confident. There were two teams playing, so that gave the Cowboys a 50% chance of winning. As long as they have that 50%, I’m going with the Cowboys!

One interception – Hey, Tony Romo does that, we’re still good. Two interceptions – Romo’s rusty, we’re going to bounce back. Three, four, five, twenty interceptions – It doesn’t matter because I’m still going to be pulling for the Cowboys. Plus, you have to watch just in case the Cowboys right the ship and stage a monumental comeback! Had the Cowboys won, the phrase “Drink, be merry and talk plenty of trash” would have been an understatement.

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My family forgets the times that the Cowboys win on Thanksgiving, but never the losses. I hear about the losses so much, I find myself wondering – “Have we ever won a Thanksgiving game?” I still hear about Randy Moss and the Minnesota Vikings beating us in 1998! Since 2006, the Cowboys have a winning record and won four straight. I need the Cowboys to go on an epic Thanksgiving winning streak – five, six, ten thousand games in a row. I hope I’m not asking too much! Maybe then, the Cowboy haters in my family can stop piling on.

Speaking of piling on, I had the pleasure of spending the weekend listening to sports talk radio in New Jersey, home of the Giants. After they lost to Washington, the fans are gathering pitchforks and lighting torches to run their head coach Tom Coughlin out of town. Headlines are screaming that the New York Giants don’t deserve a playoff spot. How it was insane to give their 34 year old quarterback Eli Manning a 4 year contract extension for $84 million with $65 million guaranteed. The conversation at the sports bar was hilarious. You would’ve thought that the Giants were 3 – 8.

Then I drove down 95 into Wilmington, Delaware which is Philadelphia Eagles territory where fans are piling on their head coach Chip Kelly. If an asteroid was aimed at Philadelphia, it be Kelly’s fault. The defense gives up 90 points in two games and it’s Kelly’s fault. A few callers said they were shocked that the Eagles could hike the ball to the quarterback. Fans say that the team quit and players like Malcolm Jenkins are openly criticizing players and coaches on their radio shows. They want to trade Kelly to the Tennessee Titans! Talk about two cities and football teams in turmoil.

I finally ended my night in Bowie, Maryland just outside of Washington Redskins country. The fans are happy to be in first place, but complain that they haven’t won back to back games. They also don’t have any wins on the road. You like that! They don’t have time to celebrate because our Cowboys love playing at AT&T East under the Monday night spotlight. They expect our best shot because the Cowboys have a chance.

That’s the sentiment in Dallas, even without Romo. I stream local Dallas sports radio and hear that the team hasn’t quit. We have a chance and as long as we have a chance, we’re going to fight for it. We just need that chance. Every one starts with a chance – like head coach Jason Garrett who played for seven teams. When he retired from the NFL, Dolphins’ head coach Nick Saban gave Garrett a chance as the Miami Dolphins quarterback coach. GM / Owner Jerry Jones gave Garrett a chance to be offensive coordinator and eventually head coach. Now someone needs to give quarterback Kellen Moore a chance. – Don’t act surprised, you knew I was going to find a way to work Kellen Moore into this article!

Quarterback Matt Cassel will get the start and I’m hoping he finally gets us a win. This is the same group of experts that thought Brandon Weeden – the purest thrower of the football Jones has ever seen – was a suitable backup. The same group of experts that wasted a roster spot last year with Dustin Vaughan. That’s just the poor evaluations at the quarterback position. Excuse me if I choose to question their decisions occasionally.

I wonder how long is Cassel’s leash? What’s the margin for error before Moore enters the game – multiple interceptions, not having any touchdowns entering the fourth quarter, multiple 3 and outs? Moore getting the start isn’t throwing away the season, it’s saving the season and securing the Cowboys future.

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Moore hasn’t thrown a pass in a real NFL game, but he isn’t a pure rookie. This is his fourth year in the league and he’s 26 years old. Which quarterback would you prefer the Cowboys offer a five year contract to? Jerry Jones feels that Romo has 5 years left in him and I couldn’t think of a better understudy. I’m optimistic that giving Moore a chance will give the Cowboys “Moore” of a chance.



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