Here’s why the return of Tony Romo does not matter


Here’s the thing about a season in the National Football League.

The grind, day-to-day, week-to-week, has a way of exposing you and showing the world exactly what you are.

Sure, you have your surprise results each week, but by and large, the teams that are really good find a way to win every week and the teams that aren’t, do not.

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So, as you are searching for the answers as to why this Dallas Cowboys team, a year removed from being a game away from a chance to represent the conference in the Super Bowl, is suddenly likely to have a top pick in next year’s draft, you don’t have to look too far as long as you’re honest with yourself.

This team is dreadfully inconsistent.

Facing the Falcons in Week 3, the Cowboys rushed for 128 yards and an eleven point first half lead.  Dallas came out in the second half, totaled -4 yards on the ground and lost by 11.

These are the same Atlanta Falcons who have lost three of their last five to teams that are a combined 10-16, with two wins over Washington (3-5) in overtime and Tennessee (2-6) by three.

Facing the Saints in Week 4, the Cowboys never really got anything going offensively, but were not only in the game, they were winning it midway through the third quarter.  The reason was the defense, which allowed just one touchdown and 131 yards up to that point.

From the 8:20 mark in the third quarter, through the overtime session which lasted two plays, the Dallas defense allowed two touchdowns, a field goal and more than double the yards prior (317) on the way to another loss.

It was after this game that Dallas had their only consistency all season.  A beatdown by the Patriots which most expected, followed by the bye week.  That bye week must have done wonders for the defense however as the next two games gave everyone hope that at least one side of the fence was in order.

Against the Giants in Week 7 and the Seahawks the following week, neither team’s quarterback threw for more than 210 yards.  The Cowboys also held stars like Odell Beckham, Jr., Marshawn Lynch and Jimmy Graham quiet as well.

Unfortunately, it was only the defense doing anything.  The Cowboys pass offense totaled just 324 yards in two games and just one touchdown while tossing three interceptions, one taken back to the house against New York.  The special teams even doomed them, allowing a kickoff return for touchdown and fumbling a punt versus the Giants.

Finally, on Sunday versus the Eagles in a must-win game, the offense showed up ready to play.  Quarterback Matt Cassel had his best game as a Cowboy, throwing for 299 yards and three touchdowns.  Receiver Cole Beasley has his best day ever as a Cowboy with 112 yards and a touchdown.  Dez Bryant has his best game of the year and running back Darren McFadden rushed for over 100 yards.

The defense, unfortunately, did not.

Somehow, the Cowboys defensive line which we had such high hopes for managed just one sack against a team missing it’s best offensive lineman and shuffling other guys to other spots to make up for it.

The secondary, yet again, failed to get an interception, even though they faced a quarterback who has ten on the year, tied for fourth most in the league.

Even the run defense was pathetic, allowing the Eagles to get to the edge, time after time, en route to 172 yards and two touchdowns on the ground.

The truth is simple.

The 2015 Dallas Cowboys are incapable of playing a complete team game for all sixty minutes.  There are not enough playmakers on the defense in order for this to be the case.  Sure, when Tony Romo comes back, the offense will probably be consistently dangerous.  Yes, Romo’s presence will give this team a boost of morale.  What it won’t do is make the defense good enough to make the run they need to make in order to save the season.

Romo isn’t going to make cornerbacks get an interception, something that hasn’t happened since Orlando Scandrick picked off Jay Cutler almost a full calendar year ago.  Romo isn’t going to make the linebackers get stops in the run game or tip balls in the pass game.  Romo isn’t going to get sacks or put pressure on opposing quarterbacks who should have absolutely no fear of throwing the ball against this team.

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Dallas now likely needs to win out to make the playoffs.  Winning eight straight games after losing six straight games is something a complete team could possibly do. The sad but honest truth is that this team is not a complete team.  They are an inconsistent team. They are what they are.