Dallas Cowboys: Doctor Roddy White gives his Dez Bryant diagnosis


The last second victory for the Dallas Cowboys over the New York Giants on Sunday was tainted with the bad news that superstar wideout Dez Bryant suffered a broken foot. Dez didn’t let that hold him back from celebrating the teams win however!

After exiting the game early on due to dehydration Dez returned but had a largely quiet night before he hobbled off in the fourth quarter. After the game, it was confirmed that Dez had broken his foot and surgery was required with him likely to miss 4-6 weeks.

Dez reported himself that the surgery took place on Monday and was successful. This came after rumours had been circling of him missing a minimum of eight weeks and potentially the majority of the season.

"Dr. Mark Adickes is saying four to six weeks is an “aggressive” timetable, and a more realistic return would be eight to 12 weeks. That means Bryant would miss the majority of the regular season with his foot injury. Coach Jason Garrett initially reported the quicker return. – Sporting News"

While the majority of Cowboys fans have the sense to ignore a loose claim like the above, the reaction by fellow wide receiver Roddy White could cause concern.

During an interview on Tuesday, Falcons receiver White speculated that Dez could be forced to miss the entire year. White’s team mate Julio Jones suffered a similar injury that caused him to miss significant game time and both receivers have urged Dez to have some patience with his recovery.

"“Me and Julio were talking about the whole situation, when he heard that he broke his foot he was like, ‘He’s got the same injury I got.’ And, you know, we had to shut him down for the whole entire year. So I just don’t see him making it back this year. Or if he does make it back it will probably be late in the playoffs, so it’ll probably be around January.” – Roddy White"

The prospect of Dez sitting out half a season is bad enough, but an entire year is a bitter pill to swallow particularly after the team invested so heavily in him so recently. He’s proven he’s one of the best receivers in the league, and the team won’t want to be without him.

Owner Jerry Jones is taking more of a glass half full approach to the injury news.

"“It takes a bone six weeks to fully recover. We’ve had players with foot injuries that did not wait until the six weeks period of time before they were functional and before they were able to play…He’ll be able to be conditioning, things of that nature, as early as two to three weeks into his rehab. The facts are it’s just that, no one knows. It has to do with the individual. The repair went well.” – Jerry Jones"

While Jerry claims Dez could be working out in as little as just a fortnights time, White is adamant it will be far longer.

"“It’ll be weeks before he can actually apply any kind of pressure onto it or even start walking around. So he’s got a long haul ahead of him, so he’s got to be patient with this thing. Plus he just signed a new contract so he’s got to be as patient as possible and just kind of take it easy.”"

The Cowboys welcome the Falcons to Dallas for Week 3. Whether you listen to Doctor Roddy or Physician Jerry, Dez will be out for that game. But here’s hoping Jerry’s Superman prediction is correct.

"“Dez is of course Superman when it comes to being physical, but on the other hand, we want it to repair well.”"

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