Dallas Cowboys: Adjusting Jeremy Mincey’s contract will set costly precedent


Just as fans anticipate a focused training camp with Dez Bryant‘s long-term contact on the books, a new contract dispute has arisen for the Dallas Cowboys.

After only one season in Dallas, defensive end Jeremy Mincey was a no-show for training camp. The 31-year old reportedly seeks an adjustment to his half fulfilled, two-year contract.

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Several reports claim he’s demanded a re-worked contract, yet specifics are unclear. This could translate into his desire to increase salary, add more years, or both.

If the Cowboys were smart they would agree to none of the above. After all, for each day Mincey is a no-show, the team can fine the non-participant $30,000.

For a team who recently acquired a handful of free agents on two-year deals, accommodating Mincey would potentially open a miniature Pandora’s Box.

Sure, he led the team with six sacks last season. A total so modest it would’ve ranked third the previous two seasons. Mincey’s six sacks were only one above injury-bothered defensive tackle Henry Melton last year.

As a 2014 rookie, Demarcus Lawrence was due to eat a good portion of Mincey’s playing time before injury removed half his season. Those six sacks would’ve certainly decreased without his own good fortune elevating his snaps.

Mincey’s six sack total was even inferior to journeyman George Selvie‘s seven sacks in 2013.  Neither Melton or Selvie played the rush end either, the one defensive line position designed to collect sacks.


Back to the problem this would create. What if Darren McFadden adds 800 yards as part of a two-back rushing attack with Joseph Randle? Will he then ask for a pay bump next season? Mincey and McFadden signed a contract with the same length and value.

There’s a good chance Mike linebacker Jasper Brinkley will play a significant role in the 2015 defense. Especially with starter Rolando McClain suspended the first four games. Do the Cowboys want Brinkley demanding an increase if he plays well?

Dallas has three new defensive ends aching for the chance to prove their ability. First round graded rookie Randy Gregory is ready to work. Fellow draft mate Ryan Russell is seeking to make his mark.

Even second-year end Ben Gardner is awaiting his first chance to turn heads after missing last season with injury. There’s also younger veterans Kenneth Boatright, Jack Crawford, and Lavar Edwards craving snaps.

This is no time for the Cowboys to bow down to the demands of an aged veteran with one year of proven, albeit mild production. Either Mincey will come to his senses through fines or he should be replaced.

By no means does Dallas want to set the standard for reconsidering contracts in their second year, nor extending players with one year of less than stellar production.

In all likelihood this hiccup will clear up quickly and Mincey will arrive in Oxnard sooner than later. The Cowboys must avoid setting precedents that will do more future harm than temporary good. Mincey is expendable if not willing to live up to his agreement.

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