Dallas Cowboys: My grandmother could run behind this offensive line


With the departure of running back DeMarco Murray, all eyes were on the Dallas Cowboys to see what their next move would be. What people overlooked is the fact that Dallas wasn’t really lacking in that area. As we get closer to the beginning of another season, we’re about to see who’s capable of doing what.

Already on the roster are running backs Joseph Randle and Lance Dunbar. Compared to Murray, we didn’t see a whole lot from them this season. Fortunately, 2015 provides an opportunity for change.

“Even my grandmother could probably run behind this offensive line, but she’s not fighting for a top spot.”

In March, former Oakland Raiders running back Darren McFadden was signed to the team. In 2014, he recorded 534 rushing yards. As he approaches his eighth year in the league, he’s working with a completely different crew. I may sound biased but there’s no offensive line like the one that practices at Valley Ranch.

Many people believe the veteran was brought in to replace Murray. Not true. In my humble opinion, since you asked, Randle has what it takes to finish what he started last season. He’s familiar with the line and is getting ready to explode. I’m excited to see him!

"“I just think that we have a complementary backfield. They’re going to spread out the carries. Some games are going to be different than others. Maybe one guy is going to have more in one game than the other or maybe sometimes two guys are going to split the carries, sometimes it’s going to be three. Again, it’s to be determined. It is a bit rare to have the one guy carry all the load. I tip my hat to DeMarco for being able to do it. But these other guys have different roles now that he’s gone. We’re going to have someone step up, and I know they’re excited about it.” – Offensive coordinator Scott Linehan via Dallas Morning News"

Randle recorded 343 yards, three touchdowns, and averaged 6.7 yards in 2014. Dunbar only recorded 99 yards, five first downs, and averaged 3.4 rushing yards last year. Even though Dunbar was more productive in 2013, I have no doubt they both should fare well behind that brick line that protects quarterback Tony Romo.

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Another factor Dallas has to consider is running back Ryan Williams. While he was with the Arizona Cardinals, he endured a torn patella tendon. Williams joined America’s Team in 2014 where he’s been on the practice squad.

Williams has been very open about his passion for The Star. He’s turned down offers from other teams just to be able to play for this one. That’s something not to be taken for granted so I really want to see him do well.

On paper, the depth at running back looks like a great situation. In the end, everyone will be competing for their place on the field. Even my grandmother could probably run behind this offensive line, but she’s not fighting for a top spot.

Whatever the case may be, the Dallas Cowboys continue to prove that their moving forward every day. Training camp is in a few days and that means we’re that much closer to the season. Buckle up, boys and girls. We’re in for a new ride.

Go Cowboys.

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