Dallas Cowboys: Is Gavin Escobar Finally Ready For An Expanded Role?


The offense for the Dallas Cowboys could look drastically different in the upcoming 2015 season. Especially if one player in particular chooses to call the Cowboys bluff and holds out when the season begins because he’s unhappy with his contract situation.

It is rumored that the Cowboys organization, Dez Bryant, and his agent are continuing contract talks even though the July 15 deadline is fast approaching.

First of all, I don’t believe that Bryant will miss any games even if his contract situation isn’t resolved. I personally think that he loves the game too much and has even proven that when he showed up at a few practices during the offseason.

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What happens if he does decide to hold out when the season begins? And how does the Cowboys offense replace his production?

Many people believe that would be disastrous for the offense. But I for one think that the Cowboys would be okay.

Yes, I know that Bryant is perhaps the best wide receiver in the entire NFL. But I think that the Cowboys have enough weapons to still be a potent offensive team.

As quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, Tony Romo does a great job of spreading the ball around and gets everyone involved.

Romo would still have Terrance Williams, Cole Beasley, and his favorite target and potential Hall of Famer Jason Witten at his disposal.

I have faith that offensive coordinator Scott Linehan would be able to use the weapons at his disposal and still be able to field one of the best offenses in the NFL.

There is one person in particular that would probably benefit the most in Bryant’s absence and it’s probably not a name that most people would consider.

I think that Gavin Escobar could finally find an expanded role in the Cowboys offense, with or without Bryant on the field.

Escobar is a matchup problem for the majority of defenses in the NFL and why he hasn’t been utilized more in the Cowboys offensive scheme is really mind-boggling.

I fully understand that Witten is ahead of him on the depth chart, but Escobar has the skill set to be a dangerous weapon in the NFL. I would go as far as comparing him to former New Orleans Saints tight end and current Seattle Seahawks, Jimmy Graham.

Escobar compares favorably to Graham and their skill sets are very similar. Both players are more of a receiving tight end then blocking tight ends and that is one of the reasons why Escobar hasn’t seen more playing time.

It is time for the Cowboys to utilize Escobar’s strengths, and catching the ball is one of his strengths, not blocking.

We have already seen athletic plays from Escobar and I don’t think it would be the question to see him finally given expanded role within the Cowboys offensive scheme.

The Cowboys have failed in the past to you really utilize the number two tight end and have seen both Anthony Fasano (drafted 2006) and Martellus Bennett (drafted 2008) move on and have relatively successful careers.

Is Escobar going to be the latest tight end that the Cowboys drafted in the second round move on and leave fans wondering why he wasn’t utilized more?

Up to this point, Escobar only has 18 receptions, 239 receiving yards, and six touchdowns.

Those stats aren’t impressive by any means, and would probably be what we could expect from him if his role was expanded in 2015 alone.

Maybe we will finally see the two tight end use more this upcoming season.

Whether or not Bryant decides to hold out doesn’t really concern me too much. I think the Cowboys have enough weapons to still have one of the more potent offenses in the NFL and getting Escobar more involved would just add another dimension to an already dangerous offense.

What do you think? Do you think that the Cowboys will finally use Escobar more on offense?

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