Tom Landry’s House Available For Under $1 Million


Just in case you’re in the market for a new home, be aware that the house that former Dallas Cowboys head Tom Landry built is now for sale.

No, not that house.

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We’re talking about the actual home that Landry, along with his wife Alicia, lived in for decades in north Dallas.

For an actual price tag of $795,000, according to the Dallas Morning News, you can actually live in this surprisingly modest home which was custom built by Landry in the early 1960s, well before any trips to the Super Bowl and obviously before his legacy had been established.

Upon looking at this house, you get the felling that it truly reflects the simplistic classiness that was always displayed in Landry’s personality. While it’s surprisingly modest on the outside, the interior features offer a contrasting presence that one might not expect in a house owned and lived in by Landry.

Having grown up in Dallas-Ft. Worth, the neighborhood certainly looks the part, although I have my doubts that today’s head coaching material would be living in the same area. The Metroplex has close to doubled in size since I left the area in the summer in 1996, thus giving way to a whole new era of sprawling suburbia.

There’s a charm to this house when looking at it from the street, a typical green lawn with numerous trees shading much of the home. No doubt the sound of cicadas dominated the streets during those summer months just before training camp, most often held in Thousand Oaks, California during the Landry era.

As I try not to make this article all about real estate, I must admit that I was shocked that this home has just four bedrooms.

That’s right – four, yet it is 4,000 square feet.

How on Earth could Landry suffice with only four bedrooms? After all, Landry had three children.

I think it just goes to show the unique irony of Landry.

Here’s a man who fought in World War II, surviving the crash landing of a B-17 Flying Fortress while he was at it, graduated college, played in the NFL, coached in the NFL, along with legendary Vince Lombardi while the two were in New York with the Giants, and obviously spawned one of the most popular sports franchises in the world, America’s Team.

Yet, Landry was an extremely private and humble man, characteristics that don’t seem to jive with today’s pro football types at all. I’m talking about players, coaches or owners, like you know who.

Four bedrooms?

Upon looking through photos of this home, I have to assume that the décor and furnishings have changed from what they were when the Landry family resided there. Still, you get the sense that Landry definitely had some style and a bit of pizazz about him. Only those closest to him would have realized this.

Here’s a coach that ranks in the top five of all colleagues because of his innovations of the game of football, yet it’s almost as if coaching the Cowboys was just a profession to him, but far from an identity.

Landry had to have had his share of ego, but he kept it remarkably quiet, even finding a way to co-exist with players who were far more boisterous and flamboyant than himself amidst the remarkable success the Cowboys enjoyed throughout the free-wheelin’ 1970s.

Yes, that ego and creativity was absolutely there, and for the low, low price of only $795,000, you can get as good of a look as possible – but hurry, offer ends soon.

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