Dallas Cowboys: Why Not Tony Romo For NFL MVP In 2015?


Has anyone considered the possibility that Dallas Cowboys starting quarterback Tony Romo could be in line for a MVP-caliber performance in 2015? It’s not like he wasn’t at least in the discussion last season.

Yes, NFL MVP is a lofty goal that only a handful players can realistically shoot for in any given year. Even then, there’s the occasional “surprise” recipient from time to time that ends up capitalizing on a stellar season that nobody saw coming.

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Raise your hand if you saw Rich Gannon coming in 2002.

Barring injuries or any other unforeseen circumstances, Romo appears to have about as good a shot as anybody else, right?

Granted, a guy named Aaron Rodgers up in Green Bay looks like a pretty good bet to win his third MVP award in just five seasons.

But do we just assume that Tom Brady in New England, complete with a suspension coming in ’15, is a lock to win his third title since the “Spygate” season of 2007?

Does Peyton Manning of Denver have another dominant season left in him?

What about running back Adrian Peterson, either in Minnesota or somewhere else? It’s not like he can ever be counted out regardless of circumstances might have cost him an entire season the year before.

Yes, it seems like this could be the year for a new, first-time winner of the MVP award for just the fifth time in the last 10 seasons.

Again, why not Romo?

Among the many intangibles Romo has going for him are extensive experience in the same offense. Like him or not, head coach and previous offensive coordinator Jason Garrett has maintained basically the same playbook since his arrival in 2007, even if it’s taken a few different people to finally call plays in winning fashion.

No, Romo won’t be lacking experience in any way, shape or form.

The 13-year veteran, undrafted out of Eastern Illinois in 2003, also has what many believe to be the best offensive line in the NFL – those who do so might be right. Having this kind of continuity along the offensive front is generally part of the formula for offensive success, much like what we saw last year.

Yes, a new starting running back must be discovered during training camp, but considering how gifted a passer Romo has become, I’m betting the ground game finds a way to do whatever necessary to help the Cowboys win at least 11 games next season, a total that would probably send the Cowboys to the NFC playoffs in successive years for the first time since 2006-07 – and just the second time since 1998-99.

Of course there’s the matter concerning wide receiver Dez Bryant possibly holding out of one or more football games while waiting to make more money than he’s worth, but at some point he’ll put the helmet on, and he could be signed to a contract more like what he’s looking for at any time really.

Either way, Romo enters a football season completely healthy for the first time since 2012, apparently being completely recovered from multiple back surgeries over the last couple of offseasons.

If Cowboys radio broadcaster and former backup quarterback Babe Laufenberg’s recent sentiments in the Dallas Morning News are any indication, Romo could really be in for a big season. Laufenberg describes the appearance of Romo’s passes at this week’s minicamp.

"I’ve never seen him throw the ball better. He was just so sharp and crisp, and his ball never had a wobble on it. The ball just came out of his hand like it was shot from a jugs machine."

This is certainly good to hear, especially given how bleak Romo’s situation looked a year ago heading into training camp. The 2014 season opener against San Francisco didn’t offer much more in terms of optimism either.

Romo is currently the most accomplished statistical passer in Cowboys history. No other quarterback has thrown more touchdown passes (242) or more yards (33,270). These accolades just scratch the surface when you take a closer look at this guy’s resume.

Obviously, the two biggest prizes remaining are a league MVP award and a victory in the Super Bowl.

While it’s impossible to predict such an unlikely scenario for any team or player, it’s really not a reach at all to suggest that this coming season could possibly be better for Romo, himself, than it is for the Dallas franchise.

In only 84 days, we begin to find out just how good.

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