Why Dallas Cowboys Fans Aren’t Excited About Tom Brady’s Suspension


Earlier this week, the NFL announced that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will be suspended for four games for his apparent role in deflating game balls prior to the AFC Championship game in January, in a controversy now known as “Deflategate”.

As it stands, this means that the Dallas Cowboys will not face Brady in Week Five of the 2015 season, because that is the Patriots’ fourth game of the year, following their bye week.

On the surface, this could be something for Cowboys fans to cheer about. Brady is always a tough opponent, and he’s the most recent Super Bowl MVP. Surely it would be easier to play the Patriots without him on the field, right?

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And that’s why we want him to play.

The Cowboys fielded a middling defensive unit last season, while their offense was one of the best in the league. In the offseason, team owner Jerry Jones and his staff have upgraded the defense with the addition of cornerback Byron Jones, defensive end Randy Gregory, and others.

The return of linebacker Sean Lee from injury is another big boost for the team. Lee was a defensive team captain and by all accounts he was a big part of the heart of the squad.

With all of that in mind, many fans were looking forward to seeing Brady against the Cowboys in the upcoming season.

The Cowboys were one or two plays away from the NFC Championship game when they lost to the Green Bay Packers last year. Their next opponent would have been the Seattle Seahawks. Considering the fact that they soundly defeated the Seahawks in Seattle earlier in the season, they could have viably faced the Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX.

Instead, we were left to wait another year.

“To be the best, you have to beat the best.”

One of the primary reasons the Cowboys struggled to put the Packers away in the divisional round in January was the ineffectual pass rush. With the late-season emergence of Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Lawrence and the addition of Gregory, who is a pass-rushing beast, that will surely change.

No one would argue that the Cowboys possess the best offensive line in the league. They were the best last season, and with the recent signing of guard La’el Collins out of LSU, they stand to be even stronger in 2015.

Beyond that, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo led the NFL last season in almost every meaningful statistical category:

  • QB rating – 82.7
  • Passer rating – 113.2
  • Yards per attempt – 8.52
  • Completion percentage  – an astounding 69.9%

They have a top three wide receiver in Dez Bryant, and future Hall of Fame tight end Jason Witten. Needless to say, their offense will again be tough to beat, even with the loss of running back DeMarco Murray. There are several solid runners there to take his place already.

Simply put, we Cowboys fans want to beat the Patriots with Brady on the field, not sitting out the last game of his suspension.

When the Cowboys defeated the defending Super Bowl champion Seahawks despite their 12th man crowd noise in Seattle last year, it was a wake up call for the league. The ‘Boys were back, and they were truly competitive.

This team is capable of winning the Super Bowl in 2015, and beating the current champs (much like last year) would be a challenge, but it’s one that this team is ready to handle.

Brady’s suspension seems very light to those of us who aren’t Patriots fans. He refused to turn over information that could have helped with the investigation, which screams of his guilt in this matter. Anything less than four games would have been a joke. Some feel that he should have been out for an entire season.

If this were a first-time offense for the team, things might be different. However, there’s no doubt that the Patriots (and Brady) have a few prior infractions and question marks, including:

Was Brady’s suspension warranted? Absolutely.

Did his actions further damage the integrity of the game? Yes.

Does it call into question Brady’s four Super Bowl victories, and his other career achievements? Perhaps it should.

The Patriots and Brady are either the least fortunate cheaters around, having been caught every time, or they have fostered a culture of breaking the rules, hiding the truth, and denying any wrongdoing. The latter seems far more probable.

Whether Brady appeals and gets a lesser suspension (doubtful at this point), the Cowboys will probably beat the Patriots in October. They are highly motivated and revamped, and they were so very close to winning it all. Unfortunately, if the opposing quarterback is on the sidelines during that game in October, the victory won’t count as much or taste as sweet.

Those who aren’t fans of America’s Team will decry the victory as meaningless.

There is a well-known sports saying that often floats around with games like this one: “To be the best, you have to beat the best.”

I think the Cowboys have a brilliant opportunity in 2015 to be (and beat) the best. It appears that Brady will not be a part of that equation this year.

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