Dallas Cowboys Could Benefit From ‘Deflate-Gate’


Let me start off by saying that I never expected the Dallas Cowboys to be effected by last January’s “Deflate-Gate” scandal, one likely executed for some time by the New England Patriots. I still can’t say that I’m sure it will mean much for America’s Team and I still wouldn’t bet money that the NFL will do much about it in the end

As of now, we can say that the topic has come up again for the first time since Super Bowl XLIX in Glendale, Arizona.

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The NFL has apparently concluded that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, easily the most overrated quarterback to ever done an NFL helmet, was almost certainly aware of the fact that footballs were deflated during the AFC Championship Game between the Indianapolis Colts.

Granted, this game was a blowout victory for New England that led some to suggest that the amount of air in the footballs was a non-factor.

Well, these folks miss the point entirely.

I have said quite openly on occasions since “Spy-Gate” in 2007 that the Patriots entire duration with head coach Bill Belichick is essentially a fraud. Busted on opening day of that same season, New England was basically caught videotaping opponent’s game preparations, specifically defensive signals as I recall. The New York Jets were the opponent who, among others, had been suspect of such activities for years.

All told, less than a million dollars in fines were handed out as a result of “Spy-Gate.” There were zero key suspensions issued and the Pats had the lower of two first round picks confiscated by the league.

Man, who could overcome that?

Clearly, New England did.

Just over seven years later, the “genius” of Belichick was at it again, and I could care less whether the National Football League’s investigation found him involved or not. A supreme control-freak like Belichick is aware of the number of bird droppings on top of Gillette Stadium, let alone anything happening that could end up becoming a problem.

In fact, former Cowboys quarterback and current Fox sports analyst Troy Aikman told Dallas-Ft. Worth radio station KTCK the following after the scandal was made public, courtesy of the Dallas Morning News:

"“This whole comment by Roger Goodell based on the Saints when Sean Payton got suspended for the year, and he says ‘ignorance is no excuse,’ that’s going to come back to haunt him again. That haunted him during the whole Ray Rice situation with he, himself, and now it’s going to haunt Roger Goodell in terms of what the punishment is for the New England Patriots and Bill Belichick. If ignorance is no excuse, and it wasn’t for Sean Payton.”"

If we take away scandals and the name Lawrence Taylor from Belichick’s most elevated involvement in the NFL, we’re left with his tepid five-year run as head coach of the Cleveland Browns.

Not sure about you, but I’m ready to see that “genius” shining through once league commissioner Roger Goodell hands down something in the way of punishment – not that we should expect a whole lot, given his history when dealing with New England transgressions.

Mark this date on the calendar, regardless of what transpires in the coming days or weeks concerning “Deflate-Gate”:

Sunday, October 11th.

This is the day that the defending world “chumps” march their way into the venue formerly known as Cowboys Stadium for the very first time.

Personally, I’d rather see Brady lining up under center in that game but it sure looks like there’s a possibility that he might be – well, unavailable for that game.

Or will it be Belichick who’s sitting elsewhere for this game?

I wouldn’t even pretend to guess what exactly will happen at the conclusion of this embarrassing scandal. As Aikman was eluding to earlier, if it’s anything resembling what happened to the New Orleans Saints following the multi-year “Bounty-Gate” fiasco, which didn’t involve cheating mind you, things might be pretty unpleasant for the Patsies this time.

Either way, the Cowboys and their fans should be waiting quite anxiously for the return of the most overrated and fraudulent “dynasty” in the history of the NFL come October, period.

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