Did You Like Tony Romo’s Super Bowl Proclamation?


Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has never lacked for confidence but his recent remarks make us wonder if he must have some controversy in his life. While giving an acceptance speech after being awarded the Nancy Lieberman Lifetime Achievement Award for community service, Romo said, “[…this award is] incredible and I really appreciate you, and we’re going to win a Super Bowl next year.”

Perhaps the 35-year-old signal caller has been buoyed by his team’s surprising 2014 season that saw the Cowboys win the NFC East and come within one controversial play of appearing in the NFC Championship Game. Dallas will be one of the favorites to bring home the Lombardi Trophy this season but what Romo said raised the stakes for everyone at Valley Ranch.

The fun-loving quarterback has been on a recent streak of bold statements. On April 4th at the Academy of Country Music Awards ceremony at AT&T stadium, Romo took a shot at last year’s champions, the New England Patriots who were accused to deflating 11 of the 12 game balls they used in the AFC title game to improve their grip in the cold.

The Cowboys will have a chance to show their real balls to the Patriots in person on when the teams meet in Arlington, TX on October 11th.

Though some consider sports guarantees bad karma, they sometimes do come to fruition. The most famous sports guarantee came from New York Jets’ quarterback, Joe Namath who promised and delivered a Super Bowl III victory over the heavily favored Baltimore Colts.

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In 1994, prior to the NFC title game against the San Francisco 49’ers, then Cowboys’ head coach Jimmy Johnson famously claimed, “We will win the ballgame. And you can put it in three-inch headlines. We will win the ballgame.” Like Broadway Joe, Johnson’s brash statement became reality when Dallas beat San Francisco and ultimately won its second consecutive title.

But should Romo have made such a claim? Why give the media, opposing fans, and especially rival teams any more reason for animosity than they already have?

Romo has long been one of the most polarizing players in the NFL in part because of his celebrity status and because he is simply the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. Many in the media and around the league are critical of the attention and acclaim heaped on the four-time Pro Bowler because of his lack of a Super Bowl win.

The often maligned signal caller earned national respect and silenced many of his critics with his best season in 2014. He has also married and began a family, which has lessened his public profile providing less ammunition for critics.

Yet, with one sentence at the end of an acceptance speech, Romo may have increased the already significant target on himself and his teammates. Though there are still five months to endure before the season opens, there is no doubt that the public and many NFL rivals will keep this bullet ready to fire at the moment the Cowboys show any vulnerability.

What was said is not controversial or offensive and should be nothing more than a throwaway statement. But like anything that comes from the Cowboys, these remarks from the star of America’s Team will fan the flames of contention. Let’s just hope his claim is prophetical and not simply another shout into the wind from this proud organization.

But what do you think? Did you like the fact Tony Romo proclaimed the Dallas Cowboys would win a Super Bowl this season? Tell us in the poll below and in our comment section.

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