Dallas Cowboys: Preparing For Ring Number Six


With the 2015 NFL Draft quickly approaching, the Dallas Cowboys are in position to move forward as a franchise. After a nice playoff run last season, The Star is aligned to receive another trophy in 2015.

This draft class is locked and loaded with potential candidates who have what it takes to fill our needs; but will there be a hold up?

I’m thoroughly convinced that this team’s logo works as a magnet. For whatever reason, every issue or story Dallas has, the media flocks to it. With as much as attention as they receive, one would think the ‘Boys operate alone instead of like the other 31 teams.

The topic that continues to swarm around Dallas is whether or not Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson will join the team. It’s almost like a gnat that won’t go away. This mosquito just has a constant buzz in your ear and it’s truly aggravating.

Reportedly, the Oakland Raiders and the Arizona Cardinals have shown in interest in the recently reinstated veteran. Ultimately, the decision remains with his original team, the Vikings. With three other organizations possibly on board, guess which team has the spotlight? Go figure.

"“I asked two general managers about Peterson’s return, and they told me they believe three teams are in play for him: the Cowboys, the Cardinals and the Raiders. The Cowboys are the front-runners but I actually believe the Raiders are right there.” – Mike Freeman via Bleacher Report"

Since no one asked me my opinion on the matter, I’ll quietly express myself here. I’m not exactly filling the piñata with candy and waiting on Peterson to put on our colors. While he is talented, this draft is deep with running backs. It would be wise to build from there.

Speaking of building, the offseason proved to be an interesting time for the defensive side of the ball. Cornerback Sterling Moore and defensive end Bruce Carter parted ways with Dallas and took their talents to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Defensive end George Selvie traveled north and ended up with the New York Giants. We’ll be seeing them all again very soon.

On paper, the Dallas Cowboys seemingly took a big hit during the free agency. However, losing defensive tackle Henry Melton and defensive end Anthony Spencer is just about forgivable. Linebacker Rolando McClain and defensive end Greg Hardy were locked in during all the transactions. Not too bad at all.

While cornerback Morris Claiborne and linebacker Sean Lee are expected to return from injuries this season, I believe the front office wants to look at longevity. It’s time to bring in some fresh, new talent that’s ready to work and ready to win.

Looking at mock drafts, the areas that need improvement are consistent across the board. Cornerback, running back, defensive line, linebacker, returner are all areas that should and will be addressed.

We’ve got to stack the team with talent to effective going forward. Now is not the time to be worried, regardless of what the media says. Now is the time to trust the Cowboys’ front office, scouts and coaches.

Dallas has and will continue to have what it takes to be successful in that area. I’m confident that the powers that be will continue to work with the discipline that’s been shown in recent years. Head coach Jason Garrett, executive vice president Stephen Jones, and assistant director of player personnel Will McClay will make the right decisions for the team.

In the end, the Cowboys have a sixth ring to win. Let’s make that happen this year.

Go Cowboys.