Five Dallas Cowboys Players To Give Thanks For This Thanksgiving

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Nov 23, 2014; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) throws a pass during the first half against the New York Giants at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

3. Tony Romo, Quarterback

You’re tucked up in bed and you’re alarm for work goes off. It’s cold, wet and windy outside. You convince yourself you’ve got a cold- maybe even flu on the way. So you phone in work and as we say here in England “pull a sickie”. Most of us have done it- I applaud those honest souls out there who haven’t.

Now put yourself in Tony Romo’s shoes. You’ve had back surgery. Twice. You’re in pain most days that you can’t actually remember what pain-free means any more. You’re then sacked five times by 200lb+ players, effectively breaking your back. But in under two weeks you’re back out on the field playing again.

That’s Romo, and that’s why I’m thankful he’s a Cowboy. Whilst Jerry Jones and co were lambasted for failing to draft a quarterback successor after the Week One horror show against the San Francisco Forty Niners. Romo acknowledged his errors post game, and insisted he’d do better.

"“There were a couple of bad decisions that I made that I have to go back and correct going forward.”"

Improve he did, driving the team to six back to back victories. The loss to the Washington Redskins in Week Eight caused concern, with another back injury was that Romo done for the season? Done for good?

Yet again however, Romo proved just how physically and mentally strong he is. After sitting out a loss to the Arizona Cardinals, he flew to London to take on the Jacksonville Jaguars. There’s no question he was in pain. His practice time had been limited and his movement on the field was restricted to say the least. But he battled through the game, throwing three touchdowns.

He may not have the all round quality of Peyton Manning, the legs of Russell Wilson or the magic tricks of Aaron Rodgers but Romo is tough as they come. You won’t find him shying away from this playoff battle that’s for sure.