Would the Cowboys Beat the Texans if Teams Were Made up of Hometown Players?


In sports, there’s no place like home. The desire to play in front of one’s hometown fans can sometimes be a bigger draw than money or weather. Just look at LeBron James. He left sunny Miami behind for the charms of home in decidedly less beautiful Cleveland. And while he was lambasted four years ago when he took his talents to South Beach, his move back home has been roundly applauded by all (except Miami Heat fans.) Could King James kick off a trend among professional athletes? What if this happened in the NFL? What if all the “Friday Night Lights” players came home to Texas.

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We decided to examine what the NFL might look like if some of the league’s biggest stars decided to play for their hometown teams. One thing’s for sure, your Dallas Cowboys tickets would never be the same.

Before we get to the roster, let’s have an honest conversation about Texas football. It might seem like the Lone Star State produces football players like Canada produces Hockey players. There are over 170 active NFL players who hail from there–the second most active NFL players behind California.  However, if you compare Texas on a per capita basis, it ranks 14th out of the 50 states.

When it comes to Texas though, it looks like the hometown talent can’t be beat. If the Houston Texans and Dallas Cowboys could field teams of exclusively hometown talent, they would play each other in the Super Bowl every year. Just look at these squads.

All The Stars Come Home to The Dallas Cowboys

Jerry Jones probably believes in his heart of hearts that his current Cowboys team could beat this team. He’s wrong. Nobody is beating this team.

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A hometown Texas team isn’t just comprised of Cowboys. Don’t write off the Texans!

It’s Getting Hot in Houston

It looks like another roster full of Texas Pro Bowlers. Another sure-fire Super Bowl team.

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Tell us in the comments below who you think would win in the hometown Battle of Texas. And visit the ScoreBlog to see the full team rosters.

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