Is Jerry Jones Letting Jason Garrett Off The Hot Seat In Dallas?


Dec 15, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett smiles prior to the game against the Green Bay Packers at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

In recent interviews with the media, Dallas Cowboys Owner/General Manager Jerry Jones made a remark that really caught my attention. I mean usually anything that Jerry says catches my attention, but this one was a head scratcher. Jones said that his head coach, Jason Garrett, would not necessarily be fired if the Cowboys failed to make the post-season.

Now, I could let what he said go and say that was just another moment of Jerry being Jerry. But, looking at what they are doing with this team lately, it might be actually true. Let me explain a bit for those who are still lost.

This off-season has shown a really big change in the philosophy of the way business is done with the team. Letting go of veteran players in favor for cheaper and younger players was a move that I would never thought I would see. Jones finally let go of a guy that he loved early on, sacrificing friendship and name power in favor for cap relief.  Defensive tackle Jason Hatcher was let go and there was not even a struggle to let him sign somewhere else. They sign a top defensive tackle in Henry Melton and convinced him to take a very team- friendly deal. Defensive end is a position of need right now and the Cowboys have stayed pat in trying to re-sign defensive end Anthony Spencer.  Big changes for an organization that used to freely pull out the money wagon in the past.

Now, the team is being reconstructed and rebuilt so that it can get younger and also opening up cap room for the future. Are they trying to help Garrett rebuild this team to his own preference?

You could say that they might be just getting ready for the next head coach, but here are some points that help show the Cowboys might not fire Garrett regardless of what he does next year.

First off, the team is slowly trying to re-tool the roster so that the Cowboys can replace aging, expensive stars with younger players with more cap-friendly contracts.

Secondly, from all sources, they Cowboys want to continue to build through the draft and rebuild the defense.

They bring in Garret’s right hand man to call the plays on offense. Why do that if you are going to have one final year left on this team? You could argue it is to help him make one final push, but I think this was just another sign that Jerry wants to keep Garrett.

The defensive coordinator is now a person that Garrett wanted, not some old-timer that was forced onto his staff by Jerry.

Now you have these comments by Jerry saying that he isn’t necessarily going to be done in Dallas if they miss the playoffs for the fourth-consecutive year. Remember, Jerry doesn’t want to find another head coach. He loves Garrett and wants him to be his “Jimmy”.

You never know with Jerry, but I am beginning to think that Jason Garrett will be the head coach of America’s Team for at least the next two seasons; regardless of they make or miss the playoffs.

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