Loyalty Will Keep DeMarcus Ware In Dallas


Dec 29, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Ware (94) celebrates after recovering a fumble with linebacker Trent Cole (58) in the third quarter against the Philadelphia Eagles at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

DeMarcus Ware is going to be a Cowboy next season. And he’s going to take a pay cut to do it.

Why do I think this?

Number one, it makes business sense. The Cowboys organization has already come out and said they will not be willing to pay Ware the almost $13 million he will count against the cap for the 2014 season.

It’s a harsh reality because Ware has given so much to the team during his Hall of Fame worthy career. But when you are an NFL team with limited cap space it just does not make sense to pay that much money to a 32 year old defensive end coming off the most injury plagued season of his career.

So the only way he will stay with the Cowboys will be for less money.

And why would he do that?

Because, for Ware, playing football is about more than getting paid.

Here he is commenting to ESPN about the situation:

"My mentality is that I’m going to do what I need to do to try to help the team out the best I can where they’re going to win and I want to win…We need guys here to be on the team for next season to help me out, to help us out, so sometimes you can’t think about a whole bunch of money and then not have anybody there. You need somebody there by your side, a defensive tackle, a defensive end, a wide receiver. You need to figure it out because the time is now. We need to win. That’s what I get out of playing. I play hurt, bruised up. Some guys don’t play, but I still get out there and play because I don’t care about anything else."

While this statement could be dismissed as a player just saying the “right thing” to prevent sports media drama, I believe Ware when he says that he cares about the team more than a “whole bunch of money”. I think, at this point in his career, Ware wants to play for a championship. And he wants that championship to be with the Cowboys.

I think it was Ware that Jason Hatcher was talking about when he tweeted this last week:

"My homie just called me and said LOM. Loyalty over money. #respect— BIG DADDY (@hatcher97) February 26, 2014"

It’s a stretch, but I hope I am right because Ware can still be a disruptive force for a defensive line that can use all the help it can get. While he may be getting older, it is easy to forget that Ware has offered more over the years than brute strength. The man is also as intelligent a football player you will find.

Here he is talking to GQ about his technique:

"I’m the Emulator. I’m a technician. Every week, I’m going to have different moves based on the film I watch. I like revealing something totally different every Sunday. I’ll get in the film room around 6 o’clock in the morning. I’ll watch, say, three hours a day all by myself. I chart who is effective and see what works. Then, whatever that offensive tackle wasn’t good at? I make sure I’m going to master it that whole week. I may even be uncomfortable with it, but I’m going to do it. Because I’m going to do all the negative things that you don’t like. I’m going to get in your head."

The Cowboys aren’t going to pay Ware $13 million. His production isn’t what it used to be. But they also recognize what he can still bring to the table with his work ethic and experience. Based off that value, and Ware’s desire to end his career with more than one playoff win to his record, I see DeMarcus coming back for the 2014 season with the Cowboys.