Diva-nicity could be defined as an extreme amount of diva-like attitude surrounding one e..."/> Diva-nicity could be defined as an extreme amount of diva-like attitude surrounding one e..."/> Diva-nicity could be defined as an extreme amount of diva-like attitude surrounding one e..."/>

Diva Syndrome Reported at Valley Ranch


Nov 24, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones before the start of a game against the New York Giants at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Diva-nicity could be defined as an extreme amount of diva-like attitude surrounding one entity.  As always, there is diva-nicity surrounding the Dallas Cowboys, more so than ever.  The drama this team has around itself is prominent enough that shows such as Good Morning America have made the team a topic of discussion.  To prove my point, let’s exam the diva’s that exist among the team and their impact.

Tony Romo

It would appear that this particular player wants to live it up from his days of being on a small campus.  It was recently pointed out that Romo didn’t attend a big division one campus.  He’s desire to be the BMOC (Big Man on Campus) has been ringing prevalent from his days at Eastern Illinois.  Changing plays from the line of scrimmage to suit your stats could be the issue, the other issue could be that he thinks he knows more than the coaches when told to run the ball and he sees something they don’t.  This is not the first time Romo has been accused of changing plays from the line and they blow up in his face.  Back in week 2 against the Kansas City Chiefs, it was brought out that he was changing plays to passing plays during the crucial series that could have won the game.

Having that mentality that you know more than the coaches and exercising it for the good of your conscience rather than the good of the team screams diva.  The other problem recently seen is his press conferences.  They are becoming repetitive.  After watching the press conferences after key games, the same thing is said over and over again.  “We just need to get it together, I will get it right.”  It’s kind of reminds me of that girlfriend who has a boyfriend who cheats repeatedly but he says the right things and she forgives him.  After a while, it gets old.

Possible cure for Diva-nicity

Instead of talking a good game and fixing your problem areas, follow what former head coach Jimmy Johnson would say, “If you’re going to talk the talk, then walk the walk”.   Start realizing at some point in the game, your coaches know what they are doing.  If you have trust with them, let them do their jobs.  Jason Garrett should have put a stop to his ability to change the plays by saying, “I don’t care the look given, run the ball to secure this game.”

Dez Bryant

As this young man’s career progresses and his antics continue, it is apparent that sometimes he doesn’t need to be wearing the jersey number 88 but the jersey number 81.  After leaving the game before it ends so people won’t see you cry and then a few weeks before screaming at your coaches and fellow teammates screams diva-nicity and memories of one Terrell Owens.  After hearing what Bryant did and why on Sunday, the picture of Owens pouting and crying, “That’s my quarterback” are conjured up.  I will admit, Bryant is trying his best.  He hasn’t been yelling, “Give me the damn ball!!” but his past antics such as the smooth move a few years ago in the Dallas mall regarding his pants justifies my theory that he is another Owens, another diva.  Again, it gets old.

Possible cure for Diva-nicity 

And hearing the comparisons between he and Tom Brady are getting old as well.  Brady was wrong for cursing in the public eye, you have an image to hold of professionalism.  Start acting like it.  The same goes for Bryant.  Grow up and start realizing it is not just about you.  There are fifty-two other members of that team that didn’t leave the field.  They were able to hold their emotions in check like professionals.  Just because you wear the coveted “88” doesn’t mean you can run around screaming and crying.  Be the leader you want to be.  Again, “talk the talk, walk the walk”.

Jason Garrett

Jason Garrett hasn’t shown much leadership and stating that he backs his defensive coordinator despite the fact that it remains thirty-second in the league is more of him worried about hurting defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin’s feelings.  In the public eye, you see a strong united front but after while even Jimmy Johnson would stop being so coy and state the obvious.  The obvious problem being, “We have a huge defensive problem and we are going to work on our defense or else changes will be made.”  Instead of giving false hope, inject a little fear into the situation.  Garrett acts like if he says anything negative that someone’s feelings will be hurt and won’t perform.  Sorry but that is diva-nicity.

Possible cure

Stop being a pansy coach and light a fire in your team by raking them over the coals in the public eye.  “We have to get better or jobs are going to be had” and then actually follow through.  Speaking so softly at the press conferences gives the perception that you’re too educated to act like a coach.  Bill Parcells didn’t beat around the bush as most of his press conferences were amusing as he try to belittle the press.  I am not saying be a jerk but man up and state what needs to be said.

Jerry Jones 

Perhaps the biggest diva of them all on this team of divanites, Jones has to stick his head into every aspect of the game.  Yesterday, there were three separate articles about him.  My question, do you see any other general managers or owners whose name is in print more than Jones?  The rebellious owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, has been better behaved than Jones.  The late Al Davis ruffled feathers in Oakland but his name wasn’t on ESPN for three different stories at one time.  Jones is the king of the divas in this case.  Was it really necessary to talk about your concern with Sean Lee?  It is pretty obvious that he is hurt and won’t be back anytime soon.  It is felt that was brought up to detract from the real problems hindering the organization.  I guess it was needed to discuss backing Tony Romo was needed.  It was pretty obvious from the start of the season with the ridiculous contract given, you back Romo.  And of course he ranted about not ever wanting to hire a general manager, which is the biggest part of his diva complex.  His theory that he knows more than he thinks hasn’t translated into playoffs over the last several years.  The last playoff win was in 2010 and haven’t sniffed a NFC Championship game in 17 years.  Yes, Jerry you are not the problem.  The countless wasted draft picks and signees are not your fault.  The carousel of coaches since your tenure isn’t your fault either.

Cure…nothing possible about this one

Stop being delusional and give up the dream of trying to out-do former general manager Tex Schramm.  As much you try to build a brand, not many could do it better than old Tex.  Hire a general manager that has football sense and let this team flourish.  At his age, retirement should be looking good for him right about now so let son Stephen Jones take the reins and go with it.

As fans, we all know that this team has its problems.  And as true fans, we just drudge through it all because we love our Cowboys.  Being a fan myself since 1978, it has been a rough patch being a fan of the big star but nothing can pull me away from it.  Through thick and thin, WE ARE COWBOYS!