Dallas Cowboys: Where’s The Intensity?


There’s a plague on the house of Jones, and it’s difficult to know what to do about it.  I’m sure many of you would immediately shout that getting rid of Jones is the answer, but I really don’t see that fixing our problems.

Nov 3, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett on the sidelines during the fourth quarter against the Minnesota Vikings at AT

I went to a small high school where I was able to play every sport that was offered, including tennis.  If there is one thing I remember from that sport, it was my coach talking about a winning mentality.

He talked about a player he once coached that could hang in there with the best players in the district.  He would stay neck and neck with them, barely losing in the end.

Other times he would play mediocre players (guys that swung a a racket like it was a 2×4), and still stay neck and neck with them, still often barely losing in the end.

Our coach described him as a great player without a winning instinct, he didn’t possess that intangible ability to put people away.

This is the Dallas Cowboys.  We have the ability to go toe to toe with the best teams in the league (anyone remember the Broncos game?), and then the tendency to go back and forth with the worst.  

So, is it really a lack of winning instinct, and if so…on who’s part?

A lot of people like to blame Romo, which I think is ridiculous. The man has not only delivered us countless come from behind fourth quarter victories, but he put up numbers against the Bronco’s that only 5 quarterbacks have accomplished in the history of the NFL.

Nov 3, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) jumps in the arms of tight end Jason Witten (82) after he threw the game winning touchdown pass in the fourth quarter against the Minnesota Vikings at AT

I really can’t understand how someone could call Romo a bad quarterback when he has put up numbers that surpass hall of famers!   As far as those who say he always chokes, how did he manufacture so many come from behind victories?  Face it, Romo does everything he can every game, and when it doesn’t work out he is accused of “choking”.

Many will want to blame Jerry Jones, stemming from hatred for God knows what.  There is a lot of talent on this team, I really believe that.  Jerry is responsible for bringing in the talent we have. Are there places we could improve?  Absolutely, us and every other team.  Were there some bad gambles made along the way? (see answer above…)

I am happy the we have an owner as passionate as Jerry and as loose with the purse strings.  Could you imagine if there was no cap limit?  We would probably be known as the Yankees of the NFL.

I think the problem is a lack of intensity and consistent aggression.  See, the problem with the tennis player was that he always let the other opponent control the pace and style of the game instead of playing his own.

We came out against Denver like our backs were already against the wall, like we had to make every possession count, and for the most part we did.  If we are capable of playing that way, then why aren’t we playing that way every game?  Why are we letting our opponents dictate the pace and style of the game?  Where is our intensity?